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  1. Anybody? Free as in Freedom? Richard's Stallman's Crusade for Free Software? PigMokey, where do I send this?
  2. Things I'd like to see in a Distro: * Install * Mutliple Kernels, with an easy selection Vanilla - A shell, binutils, a package manager, basic user management tools Vanilla & Strawberries - Vanilla, as well as configuration "wizards" Vanilla Fruit Salad - Same as above, but with simple setup that compiles everything before you use it [like gentoo, but easier] Chocolate - A fully functional windows replacement, games, office stuff, ect. Chocolate & Strawberries - A hardware detection setup simmilar to knoppix, followed by booting into a fully graphical install shell, basically redhat that works. Chocolate Fruit Salad - Everything above, with pre-compiling simmilar to gentoo, that is easy, and gui-based.
  3. erm... Who wants Free as in Freedom next?
  4. heh, if you buy a P225 new, you may as well just buy some HD Princeton Monitors... They're comparitive in price to other monitors these days, and boy they're sweet... I have an E90fb, ... 1280x1024 is the highest at 75hz... It goes up in resolution a lot higher at 60hz, ... but at 60hz, who cares... bah!
  5. No I havn't, but I've glanced at it a few times... It sounds interesting... Lets hope they also plan to include more logical driver systems...
  6. Why the concern, the "Agency" already keeps track of what you check out at the library, havn't you ever seen Se7en? hehhehe Actually it wouldn't suprise me if they did shit like that for years... At least in major libraries. A lot of real-life conspiracies take place facillutating public libraries as drop off points, and places to get orders... However they are primarily intelligence operations.
  7. Believe it or not, FreeBSD does not support the southbridge - on a kernel level. Ugly.... I'm happy with my linux distro ...
  8. Project Names: ARES - Archival Radial Educational System DTML - Damn The Man! Library RAL - Radial Archive Library FULS [Fools] - Free YOU! Library System IFL - Intellectual Freedom Library FLS - Free Library System
  9. Knoppix makes a 45MB ramdisk, and it's GUI requires at least 64MB of RAM. See a problem here? Debian - Stock 2.4.18-bf kernel, w/fluxbox
  10. What do you put on a Celeron 500 w/64m of RAM so it runs moderately well, and can do things like check email & surf the web? Must be graphical. I'd really really really like to put BeOS on it, but it won't #@$#@!$ boot the CD!
  11. heh, perhaps I should make my CSS open-source-worthy... It would be better validated and commented...
  12. Well... This is my humble offering to the project... [Design and Graphics] Yes, i know all the links are null, yes I know it's static, not dynamically generated... It's just a bloody layout and design. What do you think? If you want it, I'll go through and comment my work, and work with you to make sure it fits the script... -edit- *cough* I guess it's good to have the link too, huh? oh btw, the name is just a placeholder... I couldn't think of anything else to name it.
  13. Well here's the funny part... The post office reccomends that you contact anyone who sends you a package before you open it, so you can verify it's really from them, and not something like a bomb, or anthrax or something. ... So they put a stick over the only way to contact the person who sent it... ... GRRRR.... I guess the pay is shitty, so I really can't complain too much... Oh wait, yes I can.
  14. Suggestions: Genre - Browse by Genre Brose by Author
  15. I think the easiest way to do this is to have everyone pay to ship to someone else. I got Pig Monkey's book "Free as in Freedom" today, ... so to offset the cost he spent to send it to me, I will send it to someone else, with my money. [and him if no one else requests it] Simple enough, if you don't want to spend money, don't offer the books, and don't request any. Speaking of such... Pig Monkey, got your book... Great so far, but I don't have you return address in the case that no one else requests it. The post office decided to make the return address useless by putting a tracking sticker right on top of the label with the return address. Assholes... If no one else requests it, I'll need to get that from you again.