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  1. I work for a small telecom device manufacturing company and we are looking to expand our product line a bit so I was curious if any one had any telecom hardware ideas or requests. Basically any devices that don't exist that should or any that are way over priced and could benefit from some one lowballing the market. Feel free to toss around ideas. (we aren't afraid of the grey areas in law)
  2. DTMF reads: 99557#23#7111306611853#11000 [edit] Ran it again and got: 223#38#711113006188553#1000 (I think I cut off the first two digits as I called with my cellphone and held it up to my recorder)
  3. For 508-551-9999 those tones read as 5088B555 if I'm not mistaken.
  4. Second number I got an answer. The first I cant really help.
  5. I have a dialerbuddy that works GREAT at recording DTMF digits / audio over the line aka wiretap in a handy box Things spendy as fuck but well worth it if you can put it to use. I installed a headphone jack so I can hookup a tape recorder. ([note to fbi] no I dont use this to commit fellonies only personal telecom technical work / authorized telecom technical work.) As for building one I have no clue.
  6. Is there a place I can purchase the ebooks for those? Or a free web based version of them.
  7. Trying to teach my self perl (easy enough to get the basics down) but I have had a very hard time finding any good resources discussing how to use it for networking purposes (ie how to use socket connections) I'm hoping to build both a stand alone simple server to allow web access to files on my computer (already have it working some what) as well as build an anon email script. I have looked at scripts I found on the web to see how socket connections are done and barrowed code for the moment but I would like to learn the syntax and functions that surround socket connections. Any good reading material would be great! Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. Will you people please go away? All holes are patched and I am no longer working on new exploits. I had my fun. So please for the love of god let this thread die!
  9. I ran a port scan and EVERY port is open Try for your self its kinda funny to watch it go.
  10. Tried autorun.ini on a jumpdrive or cd to launch your app?
  11. Alot of good reading there and alot of the devs hand out there or used to it may have been taken over by the fan boys.
  12. Probably Note to every one. No I will not. Period. I just posted as a proof of concept. The details of this will never be posted in public because of the potential danger it poses to young girls. IE password means access to email which means ease of locating the owner. SO DO NOT ASK ME FOR DETAILS ON HOW TO DO THIS.
  13. Fucking child molesters.....
  14. Buy this. Then read it.
  15. Password is waste Pass is blahblah