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  1. Haha they used to allow command prompt until I started messing with net send and broadcasting messages. I forgot that it showed the computer name on the message so I got busted for that. But I wrote a batch to re-enable command prompt which works. But I'm afraid it doesn't show it in plain text. Regards, Matt
  2. Because the teachers will look and see that it's not Windows and of course will assume its a game or something with their intelligence. Regards, Matt
  3. I'm not looking for a push the button app, because I'm already using LC5 to crack the passwords. I can't really install anything on the computers at school because someone might see me. I've heard of pwdump2 but can't find anywhere to download it, i.e a download link that works and includes the proper files. But with that you still need a user/pass and target machine. Regards, Matt
  4. Yeh I used that one tonight but I followed a tut by IronGeek. Do you know of any Windows programs to do this? Regards, Matt
  5. Hi all, I would just like to ask how would I go about retrieving the password hashes from the SAM file on a Windows computer using a program or command line app in Windows? I would like to retrieve the hashes and stick them on my USB in a text file. If this can't be done in Windows, then how would I go about doing it in Linux? I would have to use a distro with Live CD functionality. Which distro would I be using and how would I go about retrieving the hashes, i.e. What steps do I need to take and what apps in Linux do I need to use? Regards, Matt
  6. Where abouts would they be stored? Regards, Matt
  7. Hi, I wanted to know how I would go about finding a WPA Key that's stored on a school laptop which connects to a school's wireless connection. Note that the key is already stored in the laptop, as students aren't allowed to know the key. I really want a type of program which is just an exe and doesn't need to be installed. I found one to retrieve the Windows XP CD Key but havent found one for the WPA Key yet. If you can, do you know any programs that can also recover the WEP Key stored on the computer? I'm pretty sure the school's is WPA. Regards, Matt