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  1. Now one thing that I'm amazed isn't on this post is methanol.... (How do you have history with black powder and never thought of a methanol compound...¿[I'm new to the field but have experience with depriving separate compounds from pine tree sap. {fat tree, heartwood, etc}]). Now (imma call it M bc I'm last) M is natural, stable and storable. THIS IS THEORY PLEASE HELP FILL IN GAPS #1 First step is we need to dehydrate the M *1https://chem.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Ancillary_Materials/Demos_Techniques_and_Experiments/General_Lab_Techniques/Drying_Solvents Make Anhydrous methanol *2 Delute with another fuel..... Please top this chemical formula God 🙏..... Charcoal *3 Delute with oxidizer to compund Solubility of NaCl (g NaCl / 1 kg of solvent at 25 °C (77 °F)) Methanol 14 Ethanol 0.65 Dimethylformamide 0.4 1-Propanol 0.124 #2 Second step find most stable igniter for NaCI + M *1 sulphur......