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  1. Hi....First radio for a Technician class (new ham) in view of your area I would go with a double band (144/440 mHz) portable radio from any of the 'enormous three' brands (for example Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu). You don't need a HT for your first radio nor do you need a Chinese radio (except if you can't bear the cost of something else). Ht's have restricted range and now and again in clogged rf regions helpless seperation of signs. The name brands are additionally simpler to physically program. A straightforward recieving wire, for example, the Arrow j-post will function admirably on both those frequencies effortlessly. On the off chance that you are going to begin with the General something like the Icom 718 would be an incredible first radio. Yaesu and Kenwood additionally have incredible 'starter' radios. Check with certain hams in your general vicinity to perceive what they suggest, one may even have a radio that they would advance or sell you. flex pcb design for assembly guide