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  1. AUTOMATED INSTALLATION SERVICE • Our capabilities are matching your goals • Each installation is unique and corresponds to the declared source. • For the most comfortable use of the Service and getting the desired result, we recommend following the Terms of Service • The Service Support Service is always at your service. • Traffic sources are our resources. There are enough of them to satisfy any client's needs. In terms of policy of services, provided by the Installation Service in new markets, we suggest you to take advantage of our loyalty program for new customers 1k = $150 $120 Type: World Mix (WebMaster`s/Exchange) 1k = $800 $640 Type: Europe (Publisher/AdWords) 1k= $1500 $1200 Type: USA (Publisher/AdWords) 1k = $3000 $2400 Type: USA (Pure AdWords) 1k = $3500 $2800 Type: Canada (Publisher/AdWords) Payments for our service are added directly to the balance on our customer webpanel, you will be provided with an account to add your order. The minimum deposit amount is $50 Technical parameters of the Automated Installation Service provides the ability to provide services with a minimum order threshold of 300 installation units in all streams except the world mix stream. In order to confirm the stated capabilities of the Service and to increase the level of trust on the part of potential clients, the Service will provide services to the Administration representatives or Moderators of this forum in the form of accrued bonus in the amount of $50 to the deposit in the personal cabinet of the Service User. JID ( OTR+) TG: @install_service