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  1. Hi LyonSanks, I waited like a week and then i kinda assumed nobody was ever gonna reply to this.. lol. I went ahead and bought a Chinese HT, and i don't think its all that bad, although I've never touched a ham radio before that. i think i could of bought something better but it works pretty good for my purposes... You were right about it being tricky to set channels on, though.. lol Anyways, thanks for responding, and i'll defiently keep your advice in mind when or if i purchase another radio..a Hey Ticom, I'm sorry for your loss man.. Oneonta is a certainly a nice place though, Thanks for that link, there is an Facebook page for the Oneonta Amateur Radio Club (OARC) but i haven't been able to access it becuase i don't have a Facebook account. I sometimes listen to RACES on the 146.8500 Oneonta Repeater. i'll look in to it a little more though Thanks for all of your advice Ticom! As i said to LyonSanks, i already bought the chinese HT (Baofeng F8-HP), but i'll defiently buy a better once i get tired of my current one.. Thanks -- Lukwe
  2. The way i see it, there's no way to trust a program like this is not entirely GPL'd. just one theory about the program is that's its funded by the government, so maybe its like a honeypot-type program (spyware). Idk, for now i'm using tor. not for any illegal reasons, just to have privacy... idk, just thought i would through my opinion out there. Thanks! <hr> <h3>Come check out <a href="">Gamer BBS</a>!<br>Thanks!</h3>
  3. Yeah, i haven't been in Linux too long, but from what I have heard, Linux used to be a lot less good in terms of hardware support. I don't game too much either, but its still pretty amazing at all the GPL'd linux games that are available nowadays... I mainly use it for the privacy aspects of the code being (mainly) free and open source, so bugs are fixed quickly, and being a heck of a lot harder to implement some spyware. cause with operating systems like Windows. since it's all proprietary and nobody sees the code except for Microsoft. At a moments notice, they could (probably) just issue some "Mandatory Security Update" and through our privacy in the trash. Heck, for all we know they probably already did. Really? that's pretty interesting. I've allways wanted to get Gnu/Linux installed on a phone (mainly to get rid of all the proprietary bloatware that comes with the phone, I even had "Amazon Deals" installed...). Actually I bricked my phone trying to get Linux installed (more specifically Ubuntu Touch) xD. Although I'm gonna get a hand-me-down phone soon, so I'm hopeing that will work out better.
  4. Yeah, agreed. and then there's the problem of limited or none of support for Linux. like for example I have a alienware m14, and there's no Linux support for the RBG keyboard. Well Its not the worst thing in the world it still kinda sucks. Besides lack of support for hardware, I never really have encountered any times when Linux would just 'break', like you said. I'd be interested to hear what happened.
  5. Hey everybody! I've being thinking of getting involved with the ham radio for quite a while now and I'm hoping to get a license soon. I've been thinking about getting a Baofeng BF-F8HP . Looking for one around 20 - 70 bucks for use in fairly rural places. Thanks in advance!
  6. Are you talking about arch? or just linux in general?
  7. Admitidly, I was born way to late to know what the pstn sounds like so i'm afraid i can't suggest anything... However i do know that theres some phone samples in some of the plaradio podcasts intro music, and i do some music like that its not as good as some of the plaradio stuff, but its something \: That sounds like a good idea. i'd love to talk about electronic music! Thats a interesting idea, it would also work well as a telnet BBS game too.
  8. right now I'm using blackarch. before that i was using Ubuntu 20 and Xubuntu. Never tried Zorin or Ubuntu Mate (guessing you mean mate) but they both look pretty cool. And your right about Linux being fun to learn, there's a steep learning curve but its definitely worth it.
  9. Hey everybody! I've heard of this from various 2000s tech/hacker radio shows, and I'd like to get involved with the hacking community some more (or at least whats left of it.) Thanks a lot!