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  1. Yes, this total data collection has already become boring. I just think that this is not what Robert Ellion Kahn wanted when he created the Internet.
  2. haha, come on, man, you are a very dangerous joke. look no matter how your mom sees it. there is no encryption at all on this forum!
  3. Well, this is already a very good opportunity, I think. Especially after the latest scandals related to Facebook, WhatsApp or TikTok.
  4. YES, and this once again greatly admires me. I really think this is a huge achievement that the project is still self-financing and free.
  5. I'm not so good at that. Although it is really interesting, if in fact you can’t just remove this ecosystem according to the desire of the developers.
  6. Quite, but given the recent scandals associated with seemingly safe applications - everything can change dramatically. Yes, and already changing, it is only a matter of time
  7. Well, if the cryptocurrency strengthens on the exchange and in exchangers, then you start to trust it, therefore the number of potential clients will increase significantly.
  8. Yes, it is quite. With the help of a fan site, people will be able to learn more about the application itself and its operation, thus there will be more reasons to trust it.
  9. Did you know that there is a fan site for this application? I googled him recently. That truth is still only publishing different articles, but let's see what happens next. it could be interesting i guess
  10. Yes, this is very useful information, thanks. What can you say about the community of this application? MB recommend some kind of chat inside the app or forum?
  11. Thank you so much! I am interested to know more about this application, especially from a person who has some authority. By the way, how do you like his community?
  12. Hmm, this is interesting, but you can share the link, I'm afraid that I can find something wrong.
  13. Oh, no ... unfortunately I do not know a single site, so I asked you a question. It would be interesting to test the site, but as you said, you need to know the address.
  14. Yes, thanks, that was exactly the point. Now everything works fine. How do you, by the way, their idea with their own browser?
  15. Tell me, have you had problems accessing the application for the past few days? I just can’t understand if this is a problem with my computer or not?