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  1. Thank you so much! I am interested to know more about this application, especially from a person who has some authority. By the way, how do you like his community?
  2. Hmm, this is interesting, but you can share the link, I'm afraid that I can find something wrong.
  3. Oh, no ... unfortunately I do not know a single site, so I asked you a question. It would be interesting to test the site, but as you said, you need to know the address.
  4. Yes, thanks, that was exactly the point. Now everything works fine. How do you, by the way, their idea with their own browser?
  5. Tell me, have you had problems accessing the application for the past few days? I just can’t understand if this is a problem with my computer or not?
  6. OK thanks. By the way, I already installed this application for myself and tried mining. In general, this did not affect the speed of my PC. I hope I can mine some amount and then try to withdraw it. By the way, have you tried to withdraw currency?
  7. Ok, what about the mining process itself? Doesn't slow down your pc? It’s just that my computer is old and may become too busy during mining.
  8. Oh yes, you are absolutely right! Thanks for recommending the chat - this is a really useful source of new information. So far I am testing the application and have not yet started mining. So what about you?
  9. Hmm, yes, lately I decided to find information about this application and I can say that you are absolutely right, not a single problem has been fixed related to security or loss of personal data.
  10. In this situation, of course, it is not worth even comparing TG and Utopia. I just worry a little, although I understand that this is a little stupid.
  11. Have you done any research or tests that really confirm the safety of this application? I’m not really worried, but nothing is known about the developers and it worries me.
  12. These people are those who don't really need any anonymity, who cares about it - stop using the soft. I refused from all the popular messengers like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. Last time I used Jabber and now inviting everyone to Utopia to have everything in one place. What concerns VPN I don't use it as also had a lot of problems with it.
  13. I don't think you have to be worried of using the soft that doesn't require any personal info during the registration. Moreover there's no central server to store the data - everything is encrypted. If you're still worried use vpn or virtual machine.