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  1. Hi folks, New to the site, and took a read passing by and this caught my eye. Perhaps I ca help shed some light on the M-card hacking with a couple decades of background. I rate hacking level and skill on 10. Hacking these m-cards I rte as 10, Possible, but will take lots of mony on card readers, secret and proprietary information resources and near the same as embedded controller fabrication facilities. Saying this because these cards are NOT pcmcia stadard and nothing on the pinouts will get access to memory or controller 'TAP'. TI/Freescale makes the brain that runs these cards and special ordered. They have no test access port and programed before assembled. This means no JTAG, BDM, or interface will access any memory space on these. It means disassembling the BGA chip itself to expose addressing functions. At the moment, I am playing with Arris Xfinity cable box fitted with M-card and disc record. The box alone is not unlike the new UHD Oled 8K TVs equipped with a quam tuner. compliant with DOCSIS 2. The box can be JTAGed at the speced port. the brain, Arm 9 that is not easy to reverse engineer. A thought is to mod the box for its M-card port for further study. Like every responsible soul, I don't condone theft of service, for me tis is a retirement hobby and go back to the days of NTSC and the simple diddling with synch to scramble. I will drop in with any updates and answer Qs,,Hope I may be an asset to the site.