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  1. Wo in Deutschland bist du? Ich bin in Waldshut bleiben, während ich arbeit in der Schweiz bin. Wie ist meine Deutsch? Ich habe hier für 4 Monate jetzt gewesen :)

  2. is going to continue to follow lattera and recommend that he say YES to drugs

  3. Perhaps you should...your beginning to sound a little toolish..we all are having a conversation here...with a lot of diversity isn't composed of US and YOU... Not really...unless you have some more info here...last night I read the article I linked and the Wired one before I crashed...especially the Wired one indicates that they were friends. So there was already a preexisting relationship, a friendship...this only adds to my initial disdain for him. He could of said..."Hey bud, leave me out of this"...instead he actually recording all their IM's. Did he inform his "friend" that he was essentially recording everything they were saying...that's shady. I think that that point was the emphasis is appreciated... This is where you can really add to the very much seem to imply that you know the guy or have some esoteric information about him that we don't...why don't you contribute that. I just got done reading the link from Mr.Fluffy's (who I'm starting to like more and more...I'm away for a couple months and a new good guy joins...last time this happened nyphonejacks joined) post and my initial impression is even more unimpressed. That wiki article is gigantic for a doubt he uses it to advertise his "legitimate" hacking skills, it is written like an advert...which this whole event in my hacker paranoia seemed to be the real reason from the beginning- an excellent opportunity to advertise himself by rating out a guy who is trying to expose things for people...whether or not you agree with the soldier for doing it. I was a soldier and lose it when you leave...Top Secret clearance at one time and never would I, personally, do what he did unless it was a violation of the constitution which I'm obligated to protect. As to this kindergarten morally of not talking about someone without knowing him...please so toolish...we do this all the time. He is in the news and that is what enlightened citizens should be doing...discussing it and sharing their opinions. I shared an initial feeling...not my "researched" and final opinion. When I or others post something like this, we are talking on a digital street corner fishing for perspective. I shared an opinion that many would feel about someone who rated someone out...he better have a good reason...but the more I actually look into it, it seems not noble at all and harmed someone who did great help by putting Wikileaks in the big leagues. Anyway, if you know about this guy then share it and add to the milieu...thanks.
  4. I'm fuming right now. I'm reading this article about how a former "hacker" rated out the guy who release the video of the that made big news a couple months back. This video alone singlehandedly brought Wikileakssubstantial funding and has made it a source beyond the hacker and underground community into real world respectability. I place Wikileaks along side the Electronic Frontier Foundation as two of the most powerful institutions true hackers and disrupters of society have in this world.See, this article highlights how this shit bag is in no way a hacker and just purely a criminal. There are many "hackers" who have gone the way of the dark side but once they make that choice they are no longer following the real way of hackerdom. I'm going to do more research on this character now...and attack him on twitter where he apparently likes to reside...but he probably was never a true hacker just someone who had great ability and followed his more powerful instinct which was to be a scumbag criminal. You can never be an "ex-hacker." Someone who uses that term was never a hacker to begin with. What do you guys think? And don't let my strong feelings deter you...I really want to know what people think.
  5. where i've always been lol

  6. I have a Curve too. It's funny that you have to reboot a lot. I've had the opposite experience, at least compared to my work phone which is an HTC Windows mobile brick which I have to reboot at least twice a day (but that is mostly because of my company's apps being poorly made) or if I don't use it for a day or so. For some reason Windows Mobile devices seem to not garbage collect as well as they should and just letting it set begins to slow down the device. Anyway, my question is why are you going with another blackberry? Touchscreen is a must. Once you go touchscreen you don't go back, I use my work phone like a "Tricoder" in Star Trek. It is always being accessed (maps, location, pictures, video and audio recording, etc.) and the fastest and most efficient way is through touch. You can go with a Storm but, yeah, there're more expensive and more importantly Blackberry is dead. With the disproportionate uptake of the iPhone and iPad by the upper middle class corporate types, more and more apps are being developed to securely link to one's company's network, especially things like MS Exchange. This is the only reason why RIM was able to be so successful...specializing to the needs of the corporate types. Now that "Mobile" is the new thing, there is sufficient support to satisfy both the consumer and business classes with devices that run alternatives.
  7. lol...Stank have you checked?
  8. I completely agree with that is so self evident that a- duh - is in order. All your real major attacks are now from criminal organizations that are using botnets or intelligence agencies doing the same. These attacks are so severe that the previous modality of attack...a curious they say gaining access to a secure computer of a major asset and either accidentally doing something malicious or intoxicated with the success of the moment and moving into an illegal state is pale in comparison. For a purely malicious type, a single attacker at his computer rarely has the ability to perform catastrophic damage to a major asset anymore. When this stuff was new you could have something like the Morrison worm work, but now this type of attack, though not impossible by a single "curious techie" is exceptionally more difficult. Technology has simply become the center of our world and so all major powers whether legitimate or criminal cannot afford NOT to be involved. Out of all the threats to hacking this is the most severe, even more severe than the battle in the 90's for the heart and soul what it is to be a hacker. This totally makes the discussion moot since we are so overwhelmed by this new modality. In a way though, it can be a good thing. Hacking was always about being underground. If the real "hacker" is pushed out of technology then it means those of us who are true hackers can continue to live in our "secret" world in peace as opposed to it being invaded by popular culture. I can make the other statements in your comment work for me but this one I'm a little uneasy about. "Hackers" discovered technology and not the other way around. If this was the 19th century or earlier I probably would have been a philosopher, poet, or writer. Not that I don't partake in those pursuits now only technology allows me to make my philosophy and creativity come to light and so I don't need fiction or words on a paper to be the only places where my soul can breath.
  9. Nizzle, wo bist du?

  10. This was during the Stoned/Michaelangelo virus days...well before I possessed hair below the center of my being...this virus was a boot sector virus, if anyone remembers. Well, boot sector virii, will infect a seemingly blank disk due to its nature. Using my refurbished Emerson "IBM compatible" computer...yes Emerson the printer manufacturer...and Norton utilities' hex editor I compared the hex values of a blank known good "floppy" (do people even know what a floppy is anymore?) with that of an infected floppy. I knew it was infected because my computer was infected with the virus and I formatted the disk with the infected computer which ensured that this floppy would become infected. My computer was rife with it and I said to myself what can I learn about the virus before I disinfect it. The differences in values became my own personal "signature" for the virus. The blood in my veins was buring...that is when I knew I was someone different than the norm...I was a hacker.
  11. Agreed, but that comes down to the original question: what are model numbers/and brand/types of printers that have these hard drives in them. In the video they were saying some Sharp printers had them.. but which series/model numbers? You are right about the Sharps. Off the top of my head, the 3500N's, MX350/450...But these are big machines. These are not the types of machines you buy at best buy. For the general consumer models I'm not sure, but if you browse amazon, best buy's website this will be indicated as it is a sales point. As to wasting space, yeah it may seem like a waste, especially if they are using FAT16 (only 4Gigs of space can be 'seen'), but they are getting them so cheap it doesn't really matter. It is cheaper and easier to use a hard drive with 40G's they got for 20 bucks or even less at their rates than to use a more advanced motherboard with more RAM slots and do everything in memory.
  12. Any consumer model will be fine. Get one figure out how to open it up. When you work with printers there is always the "secret" way to get the covers off...its like a frickin puzzle. lol. But it really isn't that hard but taking the covers off just takes more time than it seems that it should. On most consumer models the main board and hard drive are usually next to each other...makes sense right as it connects right to the board. The trick to figuring out which side, left or right, that it is on is to find the fan. That is usually where it will be for obvious reasons. The hard drives are usually PATA...not the SATA that you are used too. However, more advanced machines are actually starting to use 3.5 laptop SATA's but these are on the larger machines I was talking about earlier. Because they are PATA, that old computer that is running a nice striped down version of Linux you save for such projects will come in handy. Since at this point all you need to do is connect the hard drive to that old machine which is using PATA, mount it, and since it is a FAT drive you will be able to see what's on there. Be advised many of the models you will experiment on the files will be RAW. The driver and software that connects to your computer usually will do the conversion to PDF, RTF, DOC, etc. That is the images you see, may just be RAW data images. You might have to research how the data is formated as RAW is just a generic moniker for data images that aren't using a well known format. Each manufacturer uses a different method. Keep us filled in on your successes!
  13. Stank...I sense old is this "nice young lady?" I know it's the South here that we're talking about. Remember this is the 21st can't do that stuff anymore.
  14. Dude you need to cut out that "Yes sir, Yes ma'am" shit. You sound like a total tool doing that. I hate when I see people on T.V. doing that, say, during an interview. They sound like such servile white trash. I went through a short phase of that when I was in the military to civilians. Looking back I can't believe how much of a tool I sounded like. There is nothing noble about that. Knowing San Franciscans they probably were making fun of some wildebeest in the Serengeti..."lookie here...what do we have of them Southerners. Ah, is it just a male or does he have his mate with him? I would enjoy watching the mating practices of these creatures. Did you notice the double chin? I hear they eat a lot of fried food in their natural habitat." lol lol
  15. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip out to my domain. Did you have the puggy, Bear look going. It is pretty popular especially during the colder months. But seriously why did you tell dinscruge our secret, you know he can't keep his mouth shut...he loves to keep that mouth wide open...wonder why?hmmm. But really seriously now, yeah, SF is pretty magical. However, that is everyone's first impression. I actually don't think that you would enjoy it after a while. It's really living off its past reputation as a mecca for the open minded, open hearted. Most people living in the city who own a home make more than you and I combined. The rest are young upper middle class kids who have moved out here since it is "trendy." These types only suck the culture away like parasites. Even places like Berkley are pretty closed. What has happened is now that all these places have become dominant centers competition rules rather than the culture that enticed people to flock out here in the first place. It's kind of hard to explain. But I think you get me. So people like yourself that purport to have things like values and principles would probably find people out here to be hypocrites, phonies, and, even, racists all under the guise of being open minded...gosh darn good people. See they drive a Prius and use Apple...oh boy they must be good people alright. The only true mecca for the open minded is in the mind of a hacker...