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  1. I don't think that inner crypto is a point for choosing the soft or not and having business there or not. You can do your business there with other coins or with a real money. It all depends on the point if people are ready to use some additional programs to order something in internet or not.
  2. Yep, we live in a strange time, when people are afraid of truth and even a meme can hurt them. It's ridiculous. I know some guys that are so afraid of losing their privacy that use VPN even before running Utopia. I believe in it and don't waste time on additional means of safety.
  3. There are really lot of those, who really believe that Tor + VPN can hide you from everyone. But no one knows that VPN can interrupt the connection sometimes and these seconds will be enough to show your real ip address. For me it's not a big problem as I don't do anything illegal, but for some people it can be.
  4. Exactly, especially in a row with the latest news, when heads of big corporations are caught for laundering of money in darknet. So funny, they workwith crypto and have no idea how to create safety for themselves.
  5. The rate is 1 crp = 1$. But I didn't find any means of withdrawal. Like you can convert the coins into fiat and probably use it inside the soft. For what? I have no idea.
  6. Then it's twice strange that developers decided to exchange inner coin for dollars. Not even other crypto currency which can help you to stay anonymous but to dollars. The rates are good, but what's the point?
  7. Probably you're right. Here at least you don't have to share your personal info and can do anything you want. While the whole world started to look after all the bitcoin holders. It's totally wrong. As even some personal exchangers started to ask for the documents.
  8. No, there are quite a lot of them now. Even the big exchanges I always used ask for a documents to proceed using the soft. So have no idea how to proceed.
  9. Moreover here it will be possible to pay without any proofs of identity. As many services now ask for documents before you can pay with coins. And here no one knows who pays and where. So it's quite good.
  10. Well, it seems that my idea with online inner business has to wait.. Or I can try to make it and accept other popular coins as a payment. Maybe after some time Crypton will be also released and I could add it as a mean of payment also.
  11. It's not a problem when you create something. You can check every apply in order to sort it. I've just came to a thought if we'll use Crypton as a mean of payment, how can we set prices when it's value is unknown? I'm not even sure for now that it will be released one day..
  12. Guys, I'm going to run a freelance website or online market through Idyll browser. How do you think, will it be interesting to users? Or what are the things you're interested in?
  13. I see no sense using VPN on a row with running the soft. It seems to me that no info can be accessed outside. People went crazy about this full anonymity. You're selling drugs or people if you're so nervous?