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  1. Don't forget to run the additional mining bots to make the process go faster. If you have more or less nice PC ofc. As simple mining won't do anything toyour PC but several bots can slow it down if it's not very good one. All the instructions can be found in FAQ section. Or you can discuss the details with people in public chats.
  2. Also, the airdrop starts today. You can pass the test to get some coins and also follow the social network to get some more. I've already been a subscriber so only test is available for me. I've already seen people discussing the airdrop. Crypto enthusiast love such activities
  3. If it will find the investors also, it would be even better. As mining probably makes more coins, but the value will rise after investing in it. The question is why did the developers decided to do that, as at first the main aim of the app was to provide anonymity. And now they start earning money.
  4. I think it will become more popular soon as it was also listed on CoinMarketCap https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/utopia/markets/ which is very trustful between crypto enthusiasts. But I think that more users have to mine it in order to make it more valuable. As for now the rates are too low.
  5. Yes, these are quite good news! As it seemed that the process of progress stopped and everyone were waiting for mobile version only. On the other hand, mobile version will only rise interest, especially if mobile mining will be available and will be proceed the same easy way.
  6. I won't tell such words like removing the competitors. What we know is that govs don't like anything connected with anonymity. It sounds dangerous. And the project is really unique. So they have to hide their names and place of residence.
  7. That's quite strange for me to hear that someone waits for these people to tell their names. Even Satoshi is still anonymous. Because everything connected to freedom and everything that hides you online, seems illegal to officials. So these people will never show their faces, in other case, we'll lose everything they developed.
  8. I don't think that one of his aims was to provide privacy or anonymity to people. It was all about the Internet as a separate new creature. All the stuff with encryption became popular a little later, when malwares appeared and people understood that they can do illegal things online also.
  9. I think that the only more or less encrypted forums can be found on darknet. But you have to built that privacy on your own. In all the other cases, anything you can access through chrome and google will collect all your data. And end-to-end-encryption really means nothing.
  10. Plus, don't forget how big the difference is between a decentralized p2p app and an end-to-end encrypted app. Let's put it this way, the difference is colossal, something like the difference between Megan Fox and my mom.
  11. I believe that it was their first aim to let it remain free and not looking for any investors. As the system is working nice and doesn't need much more. It's all done for user's convenience. Of course, we can't be sure that one day nothing will change, but for now let's enjoy what we have.
  12. I don't think it's possible. But even if it is, why should they delete it right after 6 years working on the project? Can you imagine how much time, money and strength was put on it? So don't worry about that,it won't happen.
  13. It can't be unsafe as it's self-financed, as it couldn't just disappear because the users built the networks and because even developers have no access to any user's data. I hadn't seen anything similar between another crypto projects. So that's why I fully believe in it.
  14. I don't think that inner crypto is a point for choosing the soft or not and having business there or not. You can do your business there with other coins or with a real money. It all depends on the point if people are ready to use some additional programs to order something in internet or not.
  15. Yep, we live in a strange time, when people are afraid of truth and even a meme can hurt them. It's ridiculous. I know some guys that are so afraid of losing their privacy that use VPN even before running Utopia. I believe in it and don't waste time on additional means of safety.