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  1. Hello, I am Z0MBies and im owning an awesome hacking/cracking discord server of currently around 100 members. Awesome because of all the things i offer wich are: 1 LOADS of accounts such as netflix (have account services) 2 teaching hacking/cracking (see my blog: https://z0mbys.livejournal.com/266.html) 3 marketplace (free advertise) 4 methods, tools, we share stuff feel free to join, as i got LOTS more to offer in the near future join here: https://discord.gg/jrUMn8u
  2. Take a look at my hacking blog, have found vulnerabilities in a very unique way (found information disclosure) it's not your ordinary XSS or SQLI, so enjoy my post https://z0mbys.livejournal.com/266.html If youre interested in learning and for more things of course, join my server https://discord.gg/jrUMn8u
  3. Z0MBieys hacking discord server A discord server runned by a REAL hacker with lots of experience. This server is perfect for anybody who wants to become a hacker/cracker - and fast! We have here free accounts, heck even free netflix accounts, methods that get you paid courses (stuff) for free, for those who dont want to become a hacker/cracker. So this server is perfect for any1 who wants to become a hacker/cracker but also perfect for less tech savvy users (normal users) because of all the free accounts and other stuff for free that you actually have to pay for. For anyone feeling sceptical, they can check out my blog first before joining my server to verify my skills: https://z0mbys.livejournal.com/266.html Server: https://discord.gg/xAfYwsk