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  1. I've enabled it from the very beginning and don't regret it. AS it's all automized and coins are coming while I simply run the soft. I'll reach 10$ soon and plan to try withdrawing it. As I hadn't seen any limits, I think it would be possible.
  2. So you can try it without any fear. Being under the quarantine now, I like checking news in COVID-19 chat inside the soft. People share interesting ideas and news there and the support is all what we need now. Even mobile version is not so important now as the whole world is sitting at home now Desktop one is enough.
  3. There are lots of those, who don't believe this soft at all because of the lack of open source code. But I'm not so sceptical. Even not finding much info from users on the web, I've asked people in inside channels. The only thing that they met there were some little bugs not connected to privacy. And it's normal for any new and old soft.
  4. I believe it's normal that developers want to stay anonymous. As govs would come to them and ask for some info they don't want to share. What concerns the safety, I hadn't seen any complaints from any user. In comparison with Telegram for instance, where there are hundreds of bugs and leaks, but people still continue using it.
  5. That's why I like Utopia as I don't have to run a VPN in order to stay anonymous. Even if people know that I use this soft, they couldn't find me there if I won't just tell in some open conversation that it's me. It's not because of some dark things, only because it became annoying that even a wrong meme can lead you to some problems.
  6. That's really strange. Okay, Utopia is quite new and not everyone believe in it, but I thought that everyone know already that darknet is not anonymous. You still can be tracked. Especially as so many bad things are happening there.
  7. It's a quite nice rate. I thought it would be much less. Anyway, we can hold it for now, waiting for better days. Developers are busy with mobile version for now and later I think they'll improve the situation with withdrawal. For now I'm happy being anonymous at least.
  8. Where did you find it? And what's the rate? I've mined quite a lot already and have no idea where to spend it.
  9. That's because they probably need to prove the ways of getting money while withdrawing it. Some countries have such laws that even getting bitcoin on a credit card is checked. Moreover you have to pay fees on income.
  10. Wow.. It changes everything. Many people now use Bitcoin as a mean of anonymous payment, so it has no sense anymore. It seems like Utopia developers predicted it and created an anonymous ecosystem where you can pay with crypto and stay safe.
  11. I've never heard that someone ask for any proofs while exchanging the crypto. Maybe only scam websites? It seemed to me that crypto users are anonymous.
  12. Sure, it's a great idea by the way. I didn't think about it like that. People already use btc as a normal mean of payment, so it won't cause any problems for sure.
  13. I don't know.. For now you can only check the mined amount you have and guess the probable acceptable price. But for different people it also differs as everyone mine the different coin number..
  14. It can be interesting, just be careful as it may turn into a dark market. Those who believe in a total privacy can start making illegal business there. So be ready to moderate the users. You have to think it over seriously before making.
  15. Okay, it seems that you really believe in this soft. So I have to try also. Forget about all the nerves and join. Anyway, I was using so many apps that failed so as I shouldn't be too scared if it will happen again. You're right/