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  1. How do you think a business will go there? Like is it worth trying at all? I understand that it's a greatest place for my correspondence and payments due to security and total anonymity. But will the clients be ready to install a soft in order to make a deal?
  2. That's nice to see that some people are really enjoying the soft so as they even created a separate website dedicated to it. It gives more trust and probably more people will install Utopia after that.
  3. You can check all the channels on your own. Mostly there are exchanging communities, I also like COVID-19 chat with all the latest news on the topic. And a general community for all kinds of discussions, connected to Utopia mostly.
  4. It's okay, can help to know the soft better. But I was the first to find that Crypton was listed on the trading platform https://www.qbtc.me/trade?symbol=CRP_USDT And that's great news, I think. The price is too low still, but bigger popularity will help it rise.
  5. Here's the link of that blog https://utopiaecosystem.com/ This guy has also his own community in Utopia, holds giveaways, competitions and you can exchange CRP with him. And blog contains all the latest updates and his view on the soft. Really interesting.
  6. I think it can be found in some channels. If anyone already created a website there, he must advertise it in channels. In other case no one will find it. I know one blog of a regular Utopia user, but for some reason it's created i a usual web. Not inside the soft.
  7. I hadn't found any website created there in order to test the browser. As none of the existing in the regular web can be accessed from there. Maybe you know any? It's the same as darknet, you have to know the address.
  8. Probably it's your PC as I run the soft without interruptions to mine more and it worked perfectly. Try to update the soft to the latest version, maybe it would help. Or it's exactly your computer issue.
  9. I hadn't tried yet as I want to collect about 50$ at least. But you can ask guys in a related channels what are the limits for withdrawal, their rates and what do they change Crypton for.
  10. As for me, it works well. I don't even mention anything. Anyway, you can try. And moreover, the basic PC requirements are mentioned in mining section. You can check them. If your PC doesn't meet them, you couldn't even enable mining. But if you could, I think everything will be okay.
  11. I've enabled it from the very beginning and don't regret it. AS it's all automized and coins are coming while I simply run the soft. I'll reach 10$ soon and plan to try withdrawing it. As I hadn't seen any limits, I think it would be possible.
  12. So you can try it without any fear. Being under the quarantine now, I like checking news in COVID-19 chat inside the soft. People share interesting ideas and news there and the support is all what we need now. Even mobile version is not so important now as the whole world is sitting at home now Desktop one is enough.
  13. There are lots of those, who don't believe this soft at all because of the lack of open source code. But I'm not so sceptical. Even not finding much info from users on the web, I've asked people in inside channels. The only thing that they met there were some little bugs not connected to privacy. And it's normal for any new and old soft.
  14. I believe it's normal that developers want to stay anonymous. As govs would come to them and ask for some info they don't want to share. What concerns the safety, I hadn't seen any complaints from any user. In comparison with Telegram for instance, where there are hundreds of bugs and leaks, but people still continue using it.
  15. That's why I like Utopia as I don't have to run a VPN in order to stay anonymous. Even if people know that I use this soft, they couldn't find me there if I won't just tell in some open conversation that it's me. It's not because of some dark things, only because it became annoying that even a wrong meme can lead you to some problems.