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  1. Check out PHREAKNET A rapidly growing community with 100+ Phone phreaks! Join on IRC: FREENODE #phreaknet Join on the BBS: TELNET: bbs.phreaknet.org | DIAL-UP: (713) 952-9049 Join on DISCORD: https://discord.gg/y3Fr4Ea
  2. Could you please send me a recording of what the ringing sounds like on your ORCHWA01DS0 Line?


    I read posts a while back that your switch apparently still has an old ringing plant from the step-by-step days.


    I would *LOVE* to have a high quality recording of 60 seconds or so of what it sounds like!


    The recording that was posted a while back the link is broken and waybackmachine has no luck on it.


    Could you pretty please email me a recording to admin@dc4.us please? :)

  3. https://discord.gg/y3Fr4Ea
  4. We are currently on Discord https://discord.gg/uQCRAzG Also we have a conf bridge at (407) 564-4221 I think, But we hardly use that bridge (Fun fact this bridge goes over some 2600 trunk equipment)