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  1. dunno, we all just got lazy i guess
  2. 2.0's been out for a while... its good, yummy
  3. *l* Actually beta, alpha is before any code is actually written, but anyway, its not secure in the slightest yet, and its still mid beta, but i figured it would be fun to mess around with it, figured if anyone had to say anything about it, might come in usefull later on down the road...
  4. Just curious if anyone has checked it out. I'm considering using it for one of my test projects and just want to know some first person info about it... anything works for me... http://www.y-windows.org/
  5. *l* We all do something like that once in a while, don't feel bad... though it was pretty boneheaded! (though not as boneheaded as some of the stuff i screw up, not admitting to any of it, its that bad )
  6. try going to the colleges and getting their thrown out machines, i've confiscated 2 GB of ram for my main box that way *grinz* its especially good if you have a college near by with a good computer lab, cuz they throw out some of the best stuff
  7. :devil: Sawfish all the way baby, i just make a script to load only what i need and set my backdrop, and its fast its sleek and nothing gets in my way!
  8. Slackware of FreeBSD should work for ya, if you can't boot the CD, check your bios settings and make sure that they are set to boot the CD before the harddrive if you have that capability, if not, you can allways make a boot floppy and access the CD-ROM from there.
  9. Gratz, but you'll find that you should be able to get alternatives, if not UNIX versions of all those programs you used before that work just as well, if not better. Good luck with it, and don't turn back.
  10. FreeBSD NetBSD SGI Xenix Sun Solaris
  11. I dunno then. well good luck to ya
  12. Try using one of the BSD varients, they got good support for that, never tried to do it with video, only MP3's i'll have to experiment with it, i'll get back to you with my successes or failures later...
  13. 1. FreeBSD 5.2 2. Slackware 3. Win XP 4. Win XP 5. Win 98
  14. Oh yeah, good luck i feel for ya...
  15. Hmm, not quite sure this will work as i'm not sure how AOL's cable Internet works, but ever tried making one of the windoze boxes a gateway? i'm sure theres something out there that can give you a net connection using samba that works under the radar, never tried myself, cuz i've never had the pleasure of your situation, so all i can say is google it.. it might work, it might now