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  1. i dont live in an area with a 1AESS but my office has some fiber but mostly copper for customers lines. its copper all the way to the office and i get some cross talk when it rains for a long time
  2. 311

    yes edit: added recording 311.wav
  3. 311

    hell i get ( you are not autherized to call the number dialed) for sure theres somthing going on at my exchange (DMS 100)
  4. preaking is not "phone related vandalisum" phreaking is to find interesting things in the network - not to trash it now geting back on track that textfile is from the late 80's early 90's so some of that stuff does not work anymore. but i have not tryed them yet so if you want to go ahead EDIT: dam it beat me to it
  5. http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=pu...earch&meta=
  6. hi all i've been dialing around alaska for the past couple of days and found some odd numbers 1) 907-368-1234 - gives you a dial tone thats broken and is takeing digits and sending them back to you. same with dial pulses. alot of prefixes have this on other numbers to 2)907-295 1234 as you all no it's livengood alaska you can hear the 2600hz cheep at the end and some crosstalk i'll get so more as soon as i find them
  7. timer.bmp i'm not very good at making things like that but systems_glitch has an idea better then mine. use that idea - its a really good one
  8. i had an idea in my head that looked like a mechanical egg timer that if someone called in - the timer would tick once and go over to the next slot in the timer and pickup then hang up the call. then it would reset itself and it would repeat if someone called in again. then the third call comes in and the timer runs out of slots to go to and rings the phone. the thing is it needs to be reset manualy everytime it runs out of slots now i dont no how to make something like this but if your relly good at making mechanical things it should be up and runing easy you could try to make a program on a computer and have it do everything for you hope this helps
  9. ok i bought a calling card and called livengood and i heard that cheep. 907-295-1234 not a very good recording you can hear the cheep and some crosstalk at the end livengood_2600.wav
  10. 311

    (311 from my house) 311 211 311 and my own number 211 and my own number 958 1111 311 and 958 1111 211 and 958 1111 1167 and 311 last 4 numbers of my number edit::: got some problems with uploading
  11. 311

    i get (were sorry you are not autherized to call the number dialed) edit: (then reorder after the recording plays once) not sure of the switch type
  12. $900 doller bill man thats alot i'll go out and buy a calling card for my calls
  13. thanks you guys i need a good calling card to call all these places i'm sure i racked up some charges on my parents bill not good
  14. thanks for the welcome regret happy to be here
  15. hi i'm not sure about this but i think i found a 2600 hz trunk i'm kind of new to this so can you guys check it out area code 907 prefix 295 found scaning alaskaain numbers