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  1. I'll look into YATE as well. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, that looks like an excellent starting point for further research. My earlier research had turned up a lot of mentions of SIP-T and ISUP, and it wasn't clear to me if those correspond to all of SS7, or just certain aspects, like call set-up. None of these pages seems to mention SigTran, which is a mapping of SS7 to TCP/IP. I wonder why that is....
  3. I'd like to learn about SS7 and SigTran, but the protocol documents like most protocol documents, are not written as introductory texts. And I prefer to learn hands-on. I realize that I'm unlikely to find some kind of open-access SS7 portal connected to the honest-to-god PSTN, but I'm wondering if there are simulators available, or if anyone has any ideas about alternatives. Thanks....