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  1. Doing a scan of 1-800-581-xxxx. Just started and already found a couple interesting ones. Will keep you all posted if I find more Long, eerie distorted tone. After cutting to silence it doesn't hang up. 1-800-581-0001 Random number generator that dials the number. Creates a second phone call within the call that can't be completed as dialed. 1-800-581-0008
  2. Hey guys, I've been reading this forum for about 8 years as a guest and I just joined as a member and I'm really interested in these strange phone numbers. I've saved a lot of my favorites over the years and I've started a subreddit over at where I've posted a lot of them. The subreddit is open to new submissions and I've already put a lot of my favorites from this forum there, but if you guys have any others in mind, feel free to share them there as well And this is not just a promotion post for my page, I'm also interested in reviving this one with regular scans I'm going to be posting from now on. I love this forum and its a shame that this thread is mainly dead now because back in the day (2012-2015), I'd come on here every month and find tons and tons of new stuff. Let's make that happen again! ThoughtPhreaker, many of the best posts here and stuff I've shared at r/WeirdNumbers came from your amazing work and scans. You're an inspiration, man, keep up the good work and feel free to join the subreddit. Meanwhile, I'll be here waiting for more of your gems and hopefully posting some new ones myself! I finish off by posting a few of my favorites: All circuits are busy, chopped up message: 580-251-9131 Year 2000 Testing Number (odd): 212-255-9901 Hang up now: 212-251-9901 Live Feed of Fox News: 212-301-3799 Telephone Number, please try again: 516-626-9901 All Channels are normal: 310-347-3277 This number is IN service! : 303-651-0002