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  1. That comment made me smile. When I used to setup troubleshooting computers for 'operators' to test their "technical skills" on I would always include a batch file similar to one you posted. Brought back some good memories
  2. Is there any way that I can benefit from your reading? Well, yes you can.... if I ever get time to! heh. There are probably people here who have already done what I am doing so if you could prod them for information that would probably benefit us both. But yeah, any information I come up with I'll post here. My other problem is that I just bought the car so I'm a little weary about making any modifications before it's paid off. :|
  3. Yeah, I actually ran into a bit more information after I posted that comment...which made me feel a wee bit sheepish. But to answer my own question, no I cannot just wire my charger to the batter. I'm on a $0 budget so Radio shack is out of the question. My next alternative is picking up an old UPS from work that we're going to recycle and see if I can make that work. But again, I have no knowledge of hard wiring that to my vehicle...which means I'll be spending the next couple days reading.... Thanks for the reply though!
  4. Quick question since we're on the subject.... Wouldn't it also be possible to cut the end off the cord of my laptop charger (the cord that goes from the wall to the charger) and then just match positive and negative to the car's battery? I recently bought a used VW Jetta III and the previous owner removed his CD player before selling it and I am in serious need of some tunes while driving with the Nampa/Boise area idiots. I've been brainstorming and reading for the past 3 days and the only plausible answer is to take this mini itx board I have and grab one of the old recycled UPS units from work and build a car pc...that is, unless I can just wire my laptop to my car via the chager cord which seems to me to be the easiest and most cost efficient method. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Just wanted to post an update: The sale will start at 9am Saturday the 30th and end the same day at 2-3pm depending on how it goes. And just in case anyone is interested, there are old servers, laptops, Apple Computers, Adobe Software, cd burners, routers of all sorts, peripherals, and a hell of a lot more. All the proceeds benefits the non profit organization Computers for Kids (www.cfkidaho.org).
  6. Just thought I would let any Ada County residents know about a Geek Sale that Computers for Kids is putting on this coming weekend 9-30-2006. The location of the sale is 2619 Lampert Drive in Boise, Idaho. I'm not really sure what time the sale starts, but I'll find out later this week.
  7. Ah shit, that's even better since I've already downloaded BackTrack and created a LiLiCD. Never used it before...but HEY! There's a first for everything.
  8. I'm not sure if you're still looking for this part, but I recycle laptops on almost a daily basis at my work. I'll look for the specs and see if I can find what you're looking for, that is, if you didn't acquire it already.
  9. Actually, I did download partimage I believe. I was thinking earlier and it occured to me that I could probably just set up a USB Linux and just run it from there...that is, if I can't find a bootable program...as I said before, haven't tried any of them out yet. But thanks for the reply. Much appreciated
  10. I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this topic, but it didn't really fit into any other category. I am currently working for a non-profit organization that distributes computers to children of all ages. We distribute anywhere from 200 to 600 computers a month, which we have to setup individualy according to the childs age and grade. I recently rebuilt our ghosting stations to ghost from a removable/hot swapable HDD in an attempt to make things run a little faster and smoother. I believe we are using Symantec Ghost 7....so I have to drop everything I'm doing whenever a drive finishes ghosting to tell it to move onto the next. My question is, does anyone known of a bootable opensource linux-based ghosting program that supports NTFS _AND_ the ability to tell it to ghost a group of drives without having to tell it everytime which drive to ghost? I've downloaded a couple different programs from sourforge, but I won't be able to test these until I go back to work tomorrow. I would like something similiar to DBAN in regards to booting from a floppy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  11. I'd be surprised if the gas attendant didn't go right out after he was told and make a withdrawal
  12. Ubuntu is not good for learning Linux. It's only good for learning GNOME. Don't believe me? Get somebody who has only used ubuntu to set up their wireless connection through the command line. And get them to compile their kernel and kernel mods. And get them to mount their usb drives manually. They won't know how would they? Cause ubuntu does everything for them thus they never needed to actually learn how to use linux. Exactly. Slackware ftw! I totally agree. Slackware has given me the most "problems" which in turn has helped me to learn about linux. I mean, it took me a day and a half to get three Linux OS's on this laptop and then figure out how to configure GRUB manually so I could boot Slack. I initially installed Red Hat 9 and when I was cfdisk'in my HDD, I failed to make the connection and convertion of the partition labels. So when I made the second partition, which I mentally labeled as "2", I failed to realized it was actually 1. yeah...long drawn out story.
  13. I haven't used a lot of different distros, as I am also a noob when it comes to linux, but out of the ones I have used, Red Hat 9 has been the "simplest" to install and use. Personally, I really don't like Red Hat. I downloaded Slackware 10.2 from www.slackware.com and have been really happy with it. I'm not sure how you as a person learns, but I found it really useful to take a few distros and create multi-boot system. The problems you runs into (if you run into any) will prompt you to read into things you might not otherwise have thought of....or you'll just get completely outraged and throw your box! hehe Anyways, just my view of things