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  1. are you still alive?

  2. no it isnt..... It says find security holes, not to hack it... And their definition of hacking is this: You're forgetting that just because someone tells you not to hack something doesn't mean you can't. Finding security holes can be classified as hacking, you don't have to do anything with what you find for it to be called a hack. They even say themselves, you do not necessarily have to go though with it. Which in itself is them saying you can but you don't have to.
  3. Why can't you hack HTS? The last mission on the site is to hack it.
  4. You might want to look for the PDF or watch the video for Exploit Writing Using Injectable Virtual Machines. I went to the talk about this at defcon 14, it wasn't bad and if I remember correctly, is similar to what you are trying. <--- Video
  5. is up and working i gave MrAlk3 a login so he can create whoever is going to maintain the site let me know if you guys need anything else -E Reverse psychology FTW. Thanks.
  6. You can even set it up for use with your OpenID.
  7. Nah, you hate us. We know.
  8. Dos

    just add pause at the end, it will leave the window open up until you press any key to continue.
  9. You'd have to go to the meeting to actually take other people. Weird I know.
  10. Is this for like a Mom and Pop type store? I think a 5GB database would take quite a while to create inless you were at huge retail chain doing thousands of transactions a day. I suppose if you are just booting off of the flash drive and accessing the drive that wouldn't be to bad, but I don't think you'll have much luck with an older machine booting from USB. If I were you, I'd just install the OS on the 5gb, and then create my POS USB stick to work on newer computers. So that way, you'd still have your portable POS but only on newer computers.
  11. 5GB is plenty for a POS or cash register, install the distro from the CDROM to the hard drive. Using the USB flash drive would be pretty damn slow since it is just USB 1.1. A. Inless the update to the bios was made in like last 4 or so years, NO. B. I don't recall anything off hand but that would be even slower. So just install the OS to the hard drive. Backup to the flash drive every night or so if you really want to use the flash drive some how.
  12. Yeah, if you have anything bad installed on your computer it will still catch it. But doing that doesn't seem like a bad idea, they can't really do anything to you by you going to a different site from theirs, but it doesn't hurt to do what you do.
  13. How about both....
  14. Even though it says your located in chicago =*(. Bah Michigan is going to hell and im getting off topic. I'll try that next time i visit my dad and see if it works. Well I'm from Michigan (586), but now I live in Chicago. And unlike most forums they have From: instead of Location:. Anyways to stay on topic, whenever I had issues with HL2 on peoples machines it was something to do with DirectX9. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.