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  1. This is all really quite interesting. I am familiar with the stamp placement thing. In fact during times when I've had to write letters to people in the past as my sole means of communication and sent over 7 pages requiring 2 stamps and also wanted to ensure a reply I would place a stamp in the normal place and below it in the same column i would place the 2nd stamp.. instead of placing them side by side as one is taught to normally do.. the machine would miss post-marking the 2nd stamp; thus in my letter I'd instruct the recipient to respond to my letter using the stamp on the outside envelope that wasn't hit by the post mark... This is how I got replies to my letters while incarcerated without the recipients being too lazy or "forgetting" to go get stamps.. Are you still participating in this msg board? I'd like to get in contact with you and perhaps have you write an article for a zine or something one day.