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  1. Hi Folks! It's been a long time since I've visited here (I'm in the middle of a kitchen remodel right now), and I wanted to see if I could get more details on remotely accessing the GUI for AUDIX administration. More specifically, how do I set that up? And is this something I can use ASA to connect to? I currently have the system running in my basement, but I would like to be able to administer the system in my office upstairs as I do with my Definity switch (I made a long serial cable to direct connect). I know it was said before that AUDIX shouldn't be allowed near the internet. But I thought I remember reading that the only way to access the system is to put it on the network. So I'm guessing that I would have to administer the switch to not external access to that ip?
  2. I didn’t have any luck with how it said to do it in the release notes. I tried both methods shown after stopping the voice system and mounting the cd. Both times it said it couldn’t find any software. I then tried uploading and running the rpm. It then came back with a bunch of errors that said in a nutshell that it conflicts with file from package swmgmt-6.0-39. so I’m at a loss here.
  3. I have at this point gotten to the GUI on the machine. I had to do a full install on the new old machine that I got, so I’m guessing it was a driver issue since I literally just took the hard drive out of the machine I had done the install on with the smaller card, and plopped it in this machine. I must say it’s strange af to be using Netscape in such an old environment like this! It’s almost a flashback to my childhood where Netscape was the goto browser! And its ok about the lack of help thing. It’s actually forcing me to be self sufficient on this and try to find the solutions on my own. However, where I’m stuck now is that I’m still on release 1.1 of Intuity AUDIX. I just burned the service pack as a file on a cd (which I don’t know if that’s what I was supposed to do), and when I mount it, I can’t get the file to run as an executable. So that’s where I’m lost now. I’ve tried to google how to do this. I’ve followed steps I’ve seen. It just won’t go. So that’s where I could use the most help now.
  4. So here’s an update on where I am... I decided to reinstall the whole system on this new machine, thinking that maybe the incorrect video driver was installed since the installation occurred on an old machine. That did the trick. I am now able to get into the GUI. The interesting thing is that it says I have 100 mailboxes purchased and 4 voice ports. The problem is I’m still in release 1.1. I did some google searching on how to run a file on cd as an executable, and just got even more confused. I can mount the cd just fine, but I have no idea how to install the service pack. And that’s where I’m wondering if I’m going to run into this licensing thing. But for now, I have everything set up on the switch end with the extensions wired to the dialogic board and the hunt group assigned. I’m putzing around in it now to see if I can figure out how to set the system up since the instructions on the configuration notice aren’t matching up (of course).
  5. Thats fine... thanks though! I appreciate it!
  6. I’ll definitely give that a try. But first I have to figure out why I’m getting this “no screens found” error. I swear I’ve had non stop problems trying to get this system to run! But that’s my luck lol While you’re here... could you tell me where that liscencing script is located that I have to change or add a new script? And how you got around it?
  7. Hmmm. I didn’t set a password for that when things were installing. Is that a user I have to add myself? Or is there a default password for that user?
  8. I figured it meant System Administrator. So that’s what prompted me to try craft.
  9. Thanks @xhausted110, I didn’t know that! However, when I do log in as craft in this case, the screen goes black, then I get the error “Fatal server error: no screens found” and it puts me back to the login prompt. Not sure what’s going on there...
  10. Well I’m already in as root, which is the highest level. I’m just wondering if there’s a script or executable that needs to be ran to get the GUI to come up.
  11. Just a quick update... and a shout out to @xhausted110 and @gewt for help... I got a different older box (a Dell Demension 4550) which can accommodate the larger card, and is an intel processor. So now I get all the way through to where it states that the voice system is up and running and it states that the dialogic card is good to go. Then it says to press enter to go back to the prompt, which puts me back as just root. What am I missing to get to the GUI to set up the system parameters? Am I not getting to it due to the licensing thing? I would love to get around that, but I have no idea where to create a new script since I don’t know where the original one resides. That’s where I could really use some help and insight as to what you guys did to get around it. I appreciate the help... thanks!!!
  12. Good afternoon An update on where I am... I had my buddy who is pretty decent with Unix and Linux come over. He was able to help me figure out what to change in the start_vs_now script. We changed the appropriate line, and was able to get the vioce system to start. The problem we ran into was that an error came up with the dialogic board. It said that it couldn’t find any dialogic boards in the system. Now I’m running this in a non tower pc with the Dialogic D4PCIUFW, which I know there was some question as to weather that would work with this software. So I then purchased a second hand full size tower PC to accommodate the larger dialogic D/41JCT. Unfortunately, the installation stops dead when the program is probing the machine (specifically at the host bus clock speed, which registers at 0 MHz). The thing I didn’t pay attention to is that this has an AMD Phenom processor. So I’m wondering if there just isn’t drivers for a non-intel processor. One other thing I’ll be trying is to clone the drive from the smaller machine to the drive from the tower. Maybe since I have it installed on that drive, I can get it to run on the bigger machine since it won’t be doing the probing that the installer was doing during startup. I do have low confidence in this working, however. So I might end up having to buy a different intel processor pc. The only thing is I’m not finding anything too suitable on eBay with a decent size drive. But while my buddy was here, we tried to find the directory where the parcrypf script is that needs to be avoided. Can you shed some light on where that is hidden? What what specifically you changed in there? Or is this not a factor anymore with running the system?
  13. Welp, I was met with failure tonight. I'm trying to use CDBurnerXP to make burn a bootable cd for the install. Unfortunately, the program doesn't want to convert the .nrg file to ISO for me to boot. I tried a different method in the program to create an ISO disc, but the machine won't boot from it. I know that an .nrg is a Nero file, and before I go spending $50 to buy Nero, I wanted confirmation that I need to burn an ISO disc through that particular program for this to work. Or maybe there's something else I'm doing wrong that I just don't know about... but I'm a successful failure. Any suggestions? EDIT: never mind! I found a free nrg to ISO converter. Then burned the converted ISO to disc and now it’s installing. False alarm!
  14. Thanks! Got the files... I’ll burn them to a disc tonight. I’m sorry for all the questions... I guess in my mind this should be more difficult than it actually is. I’m thinking I have to finagle things to get this to work.
  15. so do I need to wipe out the HDD on the pc I intend to use? It currently has windows xp running on it. Is there any formatting or preparation I need to do? Edit: The files for Audix are not up anymore. Can you upload again, please?
  16. @ThoughtPhreaker where do we get the software for Audix to run on the machine? Edit: sorry, I just blurted this out right when I woke up and saw this reply. I should have went back to the beginning of the thread to find you posted the file already. Couple more questions now. First... where do you get an old version of Red Hat to run this with? And secondly, my intent was to use this for voicemail as well. What will I need to do to use this version of Audix for that purpose?
  17. To be honest, I don’t really have the switch protected. I don’t have any “real” co lines. I have an Obihai 202 which converts two google voice lines to co lines. The only other external connection to that is the Ethernet cable to the router. And my ISP is Verizon fios. I don’t think lighting is going to come through the fiber! The only thing that I’d be concerned about is a power spike on the ac line. I really should get a surge surpressor for the ac line to be totally safe. And connect some #10 green THHN from the ground bus on the switch to some ground somewhere. But I would think that that ground bus would be common with the ground on the ac supply cord.
  18. Oooh.. sorry you’re going through that. Hope you’re safe. I’m actually not in that bad of shape since I got a fresh translation card that had no gremlins left over like my other translation card. So the only thing that I’m just waiting to work on is the Audix thing... which is no big hurry.. you have far more important things to worry about now for sure!
  19. Alright.. I got both cards. I just have to find a machine to put them in... almost there!
  20. @ThoughtPhreakerOk... I ordered one of the cards you listed. I put in an offer for the other card for experimental purposes. It says there is one other offer out there, so I'm not sure I'll get it. But I'll keep an eye out for those type in the future to try out. I also sent you a PM...
  21. Well I was looking around in the switch today just doing some exploring, and came across change system-parameters special-applications. There was one option that looked interesting in there that I wanted to try out. Now at the top of the first page, it looks like it wants a password and key to change those features. Is that something that is hidden in the ram as well? Anyone have experience with these?
  22. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain Yeah, because all of the work I've done was for small businesses that friends of mine had, and just did work unpaid as a favor to people (and because I am a nerd and secretly like doing the work). Since I'm a nerd and always had an interest in phone switching systems, I decided to try to learn Definity to satisfy my curiosity and to run at home. But I've never worked in a professional capacity with phone systems. I'm actually a tower controller for a railroad (long story on how I got here). So all of this is just side dabbling for my nerdy side.
  23. @ThoughtPhreaker A bottle of Grey Goose La Vanille it is! That file I uploaded was the file that HyperTerminal output to the target folder (which was just the program file folder). Did I do something wrong or use an incorrect setting? I followed instructions you had given in the beginning of the thread of using xmodem in HyperTerminal. I can try to download the translation from the switch again if there’s something I should have done differently. As far as setting up AUDIX like that, I would definitely appreciate being walked through the process. I am fairly new to running a Definity switch. I just got my first “lab switch” a few months ago and have pretty much just been feeling my way through and googling a lot of what I’ve encountered (Which is how I found this thread). All of my experience with switches up until this point has been primarily Nortel Norstar or occasionally Avaya Partner & Merlin Legend/Magix systems. Definity has always been something I’ve wanted to tackle and dabble around in. So I’m sorry if I’m being a little needy here, I’m just not 100% sure of what I’m doing. But I want to learn so I can do these things for myself. So what I think I’m understanding is that I’d have to do some cleanup of that ram dump to get rid of some of the extra data that it spit out. Then convert the hex to binary. I’m guessing you know which memory locations to look at to find the password then. And one one other thing.. any word on ASA? Like I said in the last reply, I can’t find a copy for sale anywhere. And the only thing I found was some website that had it which I’m sure would infect me. I sincerely appreciate all of the help. I wish there was something I could do to return the favor.
  24. @ThoughtPhreaker hope you’re ok.. haven’t heard anything from you in a while... @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain Is your copy of ASA on CD? Do you happen to know where one can get a copy on CD? I can’t find any for sale on eBay or anywhere. Google found a website where it’s supposedly available from, but it seems sketchy and I don’t want to risk getting a virus from it...
  25. @ThoughtPhreaker one other question I have.. I was reading the beginning of this thread about setting up Audix on a PC... I see it’s using some cards which I don’t think work on R6 prologix processors... is there a way to get that Audix setup working with R6?