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  1. Oooh.. sorry you’re going through that. Hope you’re safe. I’m actually not in that bad of shape since I got a fresh translation card that had no gremlins left over like my other translation card. So the only thing that I’m just waiting to work on is the Audix thing... which is no big hurry.. you have far more important things to worry about now for sure!
  2. Alright.. I got both cards. I just have to find a machine to put them in... almost there!
  3. @ThoughtPhreakerOk... I ordered one of the cards you listed. I put in an offer for the other card for experimental purposes. It says there is one other offer out there, so I'm not sure I'll get it. But I'll keep an eye out for those type in the future to try out. I also sent you a PM...
  4. Well I was looking around in the switch today just doing some exploring, and came across change system-parameters special-applications. There was one option that looked interesting in there that I wanted to try out. Now at the top of the first page, it looks like it wants a password and key to change those features. Is that something that is hidden in the ram as well? Anyone have experience with these?
  5. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain Yeah, because all of the work I've done was for small businesses that friends of mine had, and just did work unpaid as a favor to people (and because I am a nerd and secretly like doing the work). Since I'm a nerd and always had an interest in phone switching systems, I decided to try to learn Definity to satisfy my curiosity and to run at home. But I've never worked in a professional capacity with phone systems. I'm actually a tower controller for a railroad (long story on how I got here). So all of this is just side dabbling for my nerdy side.
  6. @ThoughtPhreaker A bottle of Grey Goose La Vanille it is! That file I uploaded was the file that HyperTerminal output to the target folder (which was just the program file folder). Did I do something wrong or use an incorrect setting? I followed instructions you had given in the beginning of the thread of using xmodem in HyperTerminal. I can try to download the translation from the switch again if there’s something I should have done differently. As far as setting up AUDIX like that, I would definitely appreciate being walked through the process. I am fairly new to running a Definity switch. I just got my first “lab switch” a few months ago and have pretty much just been feeling my way through and googling a lot of what I’ve encountered (Which is how I found this thread). All of my experience with switches up until this point has been primarily Nortel Norstar or occasionally Avaya Partner & Merlin Legend/Magix systems. Definity has always been something I’ve wanted to tackle and dabble around in. So I’m sorry if I’m being a little needy here, I’m just not 100% sure of what I’m doing. But I want to learn so I can do these things for myself. So what I think I’m understanding is that I’d have to do some cleanup of that ram dump to get rid of some of the extra data that it spit out. Then convert the hex to binary. I’m guessing you know which memory locations to look at to find the password then. And one one other thing.. any word on ASA? Like I said in the last reply, I can’t find a copy for sale anywhere. And the only thing I found was some website that had it which I’m sure would infect me. I sincerely appreciate all of the help. I wish there was something I could do to return the favor.
  7. @ThoughtPhreaker hope you’re ok.. haven’t heard anything from you in a while... @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain Is your copy of ASA on CD? Do you happen to know where one can get a copy on CD? I can’t find any for sale on eBay or anywhere. Google found a website where it’s supposedly available from, but it seems sketchy and I don’t want to risk getting a virus from it...
  8. @ThoughtPhreaker one other question I have.. I was reading the beginning of this thread about setting up Audix on a PC... I see it’s using some cards which I don’t think work on R6 prologix processors... is there a way to get that Audix setup working with R6?
  9. So here is an interesting thing... I have a few extra translation cards sitting here. One in particular actually came with the switch, and I was unable to crack the password for even the cust account since it was not set as the default passwords. I figured since I now had the init password for the processor that I would be able to get into that translation and mess around like I was able to the two other translation cards I have. Well it seems that the init password for this translation card is set different. I get the "INCORRECT LOGIN" message. So I decided to go into HyperTerminal to get the translation file as described in one of the first replies on this thread. I opened the file in notepad, but it doesn't look at all like what I had from the ram dump I posted the other day. I would like to be able to figure out the passwords for myself and not ask for help each time (though I very much appreciate the help thus far). But I wouldn't even know where to begin with this one. So I'm posting the file I have here to see if you can figure out if the translation has it's own init password set. grstrans
  10. @ThoughtPhreaker Thanks a billion!!! I'm in with the password you supplied!
  11. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain How did you get your copy of ASA?
  12. I’ve actually tried TuTTY. I saw a warning that the function keys weren’t fully operational in the latest version. I did encounter problems when I tried using them, the emulator would start acting weird. Is there a version of it that actually works properly?
  13. @MakeAvayaRedGreatAgain What do you use for regular admin tasks on the switch? I really haven’t had an issue using procomm for the stuff I was doing before this. It’s just annoying to have to use the escape codes in HyperTerminal. I tried PuTTY, but of course same issue with having to use escape codes. Of course I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Avaya Site Administration, but I don’t think Avaya would sell me a copy (it’s probably expensive, too).
  14. Wow! Thanks! I kinda wish I was on vacation tbh. And I feel like I owe you a [root] beer for this! And I’m also curious how you coverted the hex to usable info to extract that password.
  15. Ok.... so here is the dump from the processor. I hope I saved it in a way that it can be used (I checked it in notepad, and it looks like it captured everything). grs033 dump
  16. ThoughtPhreaker, the password in option C didn't work, unfortunately. I got in and went into the interface you mentioned. I didn't realize it was going to dump that much hex on me! How would you recommend I retrieve it and post it? I'm using a very old version of Procomm Plus to access the switch.
  17. So I stumbled upon this post. I have a Definity Prologix switch I aquired. It has a release 6 processor (TN798B). I have now booted the switch with no translation card. I went into RVA, but I'm a little confused as to what command I would use to change the init password. Could you elaborate as to what I should do?