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  1. So here’s an update on where I am... I decided to reinstall the whole system on this new machine, thinking that maybe the incorrect video driver was installed since the installation occurred on an old machine. That did the trick. I am now able to get into the GUI. The interesting thing is that it says I have 100 mailboxes purchased and 4 voice ports. The problem is I’m still in release 1.1. I did some google searching on how to run a file on cd as an executable, and just got even more confused. I can mount the cd just fine, but I have no idea how to install the service pack. And that’s where I’m wondering if I’m going to run into this licensing thing. But for now, I have everything set up on the switch end with the extensions wired to the dialogic board and the hunt group assigned. I’m putzing around in it now to see if I can figure out how to set the system up since the instructions on the configuration notice aren’t matching up (of course).
  2. Ahhh so that’s how I got that 403 a little bit ago and got my IP address at home blacklisted.
  3. Thats fine... thanks though! I appreciate it!
  4. I’ll definitely give that a try. But first I have to figure out why I’m getting this “no screens found” error. I swear I’ve had non stop problems trying to get this system to run! But that’s my luck lol While you’re here... could you tell me where that liscencing script is located that I have to change or add a new script? And how you got around it?
  5. Hmmm. I didn’t set a password for that when things were installing. Is that a user I have to add myself? Or is there a default password for that user?
  6. I figured it meant System Administrator. So that’s what prompted me to try craft.
  7. Thanks @xhausted110, I didn’t know that! However, when I do log in as craft in this case, the screen goes black, then I get the error “Fatal server error: no screens found” and it puts me back to the login prompt. Not sure what’s going on there...
  8. Well I’m already in as root, which is the highest level. I’m just wondering if there’s a script or executable that needs to be ran to get the GUI to come up.
  9. Just a quick update... and a shout out to @xhausted110 and @gewt for help... I got a different older box (a Dell Demension 4550) which can accommodate the larger card, and is an intel processor. So now I get all the way through to where it states that the voice system is up and running and it states that the dialogic card is good to go. Then it says to press enter to go back to the prompt, which puts me back as just root. What am I missing to get to the GUI to set up the system parameters? Am I not getting to it due to the licensing thing? I would love to get around that, but I have no idea where to create a new script since I don’t know where the original one resides. That’s where I could really use some help and insight as to what you guys did to get around it. I appreciate the help... thanks!!!
  10. Good afternoon An update on where I am... I had my buddy who is pretty decent with Unix and Linux come over. He was able to help me figure out what to change in the start_vs_now script. We changed the appropriate line, and was able to get the vioce system to start. The problem we ran into was that an error came up with the dialogic board. It said that it couldn’t find any dialogic boards in the system. Now I’m running this in a non tower pc with the Dialogic D4PCIUFW, which I know there was some question as to weather that would work with this software. So I then purchased a second hand full size tower PC to accommodate the larger dialogic D/41JCT. Unfortunately, the installation stops dead when the program is probing the machine (specifically at the host bus clock speed, which registers at 0 MHz). The thing I didn’t pay attention to is that this has an AMD Phenom processor. So I’m wondering if there just isn’t drivers for a non-intel processor. One other thing I’ll be trying is to clone the drive from the smaller machine to the drive from the tower. Maybe since I have it installed on that drive, I can get it to run on the bigger machine since it won’t be doing the probing that the installer was doing during startup. I do have low confidence in this working, however. So I might end up having to buy a different intel processor pc. The only thing is I’m not finding anything too suitable on eBay with a decent size drive. But while my buddy was here, we tried to find the directory where the parcrypf script is that needs to be avoided. Can you shed some light on where that is hidden? What what specifically you changed in there? Or is this not a factor anymore with running the system?
  11. I got a little further this morning. I didn't have much time to mess with things before work, but I did a couple things, and got the auto install to run. I was thinking about it before falling asleep last night that I should try deleting the /mnt/cdrom directory and creating a new one as the instructions stated. Like I said, I didn't have time to see if there was anything in it. I just did a rm -rf /mnt/cdrom which got rid of it. I was then able to create the new directory. I then tried using just /mnt/cdrom/autoinstall without the "." in front of it. That started the process of installing it. It seemed to work. The only problem is that when I went back into root to do the vi /vs/bin/start_vs_now. I was able to get into the editor, but when I did the ":w" command, it returned with something to the effect that the file could not be open to be written. The only way to get out of it again was to do a :q!. In the editor, I put in just a "#" by itself, which didn't work. I then tried the whole command "# vi /vs/bin/start_vs_now" which still didn't work. I rebooted, and it did say at the end starting voice system (I don't remember what it said exactly, I didn't think to take pictures as I was getting ready) but then just sat and did nothing.
  12. @ThoughtPhreaker So I've run into some problems with installing. I got to the part where I login as root and start entering the commands listed above. Here is what I got for what I entered... # mkdir /mnt/cdrom mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/cdrom': File exists # mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom mount: block device /dev/cdrom is write-protected, mounting read-only # ./mnt/cdrom/autoinstall ksh: ./mnt/cdrom/autoinstall: not found # so I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't know what I might have done wrong. I saw in the edit that I was to do the autoinstall command before the vs command. Can you tell me what I need to do to correct this? I swear these things never go well for me... this is the kind of luck I have lol Also, I kept trying to post a pic of the screen from my phone but I kept running into 403 forbidden errors. Even after I removed the pic, I still couldn't post text only. I also couldn't access the site on my phone or PC via my home internet connection. I had to use my laptop tethered to my phone after restarting it to get a new ip address... something doesn't like me! EDIT: And yet now it just let me upload the screen shot here. So weird!!!!
  13. Welp, I was met with failure tonight. I'm trying to use CDBurnerXP to make burn a bootable cd for the install. Unfortunately, the program doesn't want to convert the .nrg file to ISO for me to boot. I tried a different method in the program to create an ISO disc, but the machine won't boot from it. I know that an .nrg is a Nero file, and before I go spending $50 to buy Nero, I wanted confirmation that I need to burn an ISO disc through that particular program for this to work. Or maybe there's something else I'm doing wrong that I just don't know about... but I'm a successful failure. Any suggestions? EDIT: never mind! I found a free nrg to ISO converter. Then burned the converted ISO to disc and now it’s installing. False alarm!
  14. Thanks! Got the files... I’ll burn them to a disc tonight. I’m sorry for all the questions... I guess in my mind this should be more difficult than it actually is. I’m thinking I have to finagle things to get this to work.
  15. so do I need to wipe out the HDD on the pc I intend to use? It currently has windows xp running on it. Is there any formatting or preparation I need to do? Edit: The files for Audix are not up anymore. Can you upload again, please?