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  1. So I dial the same number multiple times with Google Voice (in this case 402-341-9990), and I get multiple different CBCAD recordings, with different trailer codes, different voices, etc. When dialing that number from my phone at work (which is served by a Cox Communications SIP trunk), I consistently get the same NIS recording. Does this happen because Google Voice is terminating the calls via several different providers, and they all have their own recording in response to the cause code that is returned?
  2. I do not think it was a COCOT, since it rang on an incoming call. Every COCOT I've played with answered with a modem tone when I called it. I actually didn't have any coins with me (I wasn't planning on stopping to play with this phone, and I seldom have change with me anymore). I was able to attempt to place calls without depositing a coin, but everything I tried gave me a recording saying that long distance calls and calls to mobile phones were barred. I didn't really have anything local to try and call, and I only had a few minutes to mess with it anyway. From everything I tried, it appeared to be a real, ACTS payphone. If I make it out there again, I'll call it from my cell, drop a coin, and see if makes tones. Did you notice it's only 20 cents for a local call?
  3. Would anyone be surprised to find that there are still semi-postpay coin phones in use in the U.S.? I found one while driving home from viewing the eclipse on Monday. It's an AE fortress payphone, with a semi-postpay instruction card. Has a dial tone and can make calls. Long distance calls are barred (I assume you would make them via the operator), and I didn't have anyone local to call, so I wasn't 100% able to confirm the semi-postpay operation, but I'm pretty sure it was still set up that way. The phone is in a really neat phone booth that is actually built into a corner of the CO building in Hampton, NE. Ringback can be activated by dialing the phone's own number and hanging up. That's about the only interesting thing I found in the couple of minutes that I had available to play with it.