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  1. well look who the fuck it is.

  2. I'll be there if any of y'all remember me.
  3. Alright. I figured out my problem. The ifconfig is not physical devices but the virtual devices for the VPN to use. Still hacking out the rest of the config. but it's easier now that I can freaking start the service ;D --edit-- Jesus. It fucking says right there in the comment. I'm dumb
  4. My ISP (SBC - Same Bad Company) recently blocked traffic on port 110 (POP3) to everything but their server. My webmail fucking sucks. SSH SOCKS tunnels are great for temporary tunnels when your out and about, but i'm looking for a more permanent solution. If i'm not mistaken, squid is just an HTTP proxy (Correct me if i'm wrong, I've never used it.) Any suggestions?
  5. Haven't been around in a while. Taking a listen to the latest show (keep up the great work stank ;D) and hacking around a bit with OpenVPN. My desired result is a 24/7 virtual LAN party, if you will. A VPN designed with gaming and filesharing in mind. I have a server on a 100mbit colo (recently moved to an unmetered connection ) which I intend to host the VPN with. I'm not quite sure that this is the right software for me to use, as I'm not tunnelling a connection from one network to another. This is obviously the intended use of a VPN, and the configuration is throwing me off. I'm using this here guide. and the basic config is as follows. (quite basic, no SSL, etc...) dev tun ifconfig // IP of the local tun device and its peer secret /etc/openvpn/myhomelan/myhomelan-key.txt comp-lzo port 5000 user nobody group nobody The part that is catching me up here is the ifconfig parameter. Evidently, I'm creating a tunnel and it wants 2 endpoints. I'm searching through the (official) documentation and can't seem to find any way to run it in a single interface mode. If anyone has experience with OpenVPN or VPN's in general I'd appreciate some help... Sorry to the mods if i miscategorized the post, I'm tired and it's been a while since i've posted.
  6. Well, i've been using gentoo off an on for a while, everytime something pisses me off and i pick something else. Well, Now i have an ATI video card. Drivers and shit work as well as they should, GLX, everything. But now SDL has random segfaults, some SDL games work flawlessly, others just crash on execution. I'm thinking of going with ubuntu or another binary distribution with a large repository. I just want my Frozen Bubble damnit!! Anything new and exciting anyone has been using?
  7. Classic pyramid scheme, Anyway, I happen to be selling mine, would you be interested? It's got a bunch of music on it already (only thing i can think of is All of Pink Floyds albums) I need money and i rarely use the thing. It's a ten gig, i've still got the box and everything it came with. It's slightly beat up (they scratch really easily, i have one particularly noticable scratch on the screen, the rest isn't bad) but the battery is fine, and i'll throw in a nice case. You can buy a special USB 2.0 cable, but out of the box it only does Firewire. I got it after they stopped making the 10 gigs, so I got it for $250, I'm thinking of selling it for $200. So let me know via email (k ur oi sh i @ chicago2600. n e t) (remove spaces =P ) or AIM: KuroiShiSan (as i rarely check the forums anymore.) EDIT: It's a third generation, and i'll take a pic if you wanna see the scratch for yourself
  8. Sorry, been gone for a while so this may be redundant. I just picked up a Kyocera KX414, this is my first Celly. Of course being who I (we) are. I want to fool with the normally "un-foolable" Any fun things anyone knows about these phones?
  9. no, but this is almost as ghetto: I have a shitty e-machine which has nil expandability. So I added a 3.5" bay using erector. I also have a telephone mounted to the side of my monitor with duct tape (It's actually a cradle for my beige box which I use at home as well as out and about)
  10. Just thought I should drop a note. I am a co-admin of datamachine.net. We run a free host for about 200 of our friends, and I volunteered to host CCCPRs stuff. We were NOT "rooted" "owned" or DoS'd in any manner. We had a minor break-in and, they trashed our forum DB. We took the server offline, because we realized the security issues of our server. They could have had root access very easily had they not been stupid kiddies.
  11. BLAH... first of all, I'm back... Second of all, I use floppies for OpenBSD installs, and for when I break my bootloader =/
  12. I'm surfing around for a new distro (I'm gonna try out CollegeLinux and slack 9.1 next... see how they fare) and came across this. knowing WhiteRaven has caused my interest to grow in projects like these. It is pretty interesting. http://oralux.org/ Check it out
  13. Awesome, I still havent checked it out, but I will within the next day or two.
  14. I just found this: http://www.phlak.org It's new, based on morphix (which I've tried and sucks ass) will it compare to my old favorite, Knoppix STD? We will find out when i get un-lazy and download it
  15. whiteraven the prison slut...