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  1. Ok, I know this is going to sound stupid but... Did you actually run it? If you did then probably could be what tekio said your firewall could be blocking the out going connection. It also might be your antivirus. It doesn't look like you encoded the payload so if you have anti virus when you upload the payload to the system and try to run it the antivirus will scan the program and work out its a malicious file then quarantine and/or delete it. Try setting the port for the TCP reverse shell to 80 (HTTP) or using an actually HTTP specific payload. Port 80 is usually not blocked by your firewall so all traffic on port 80 is just allowed to go through. This is because port 80 is the port web traffic travels on and we can't go around blocking all are web traffic, can we? If you want just disable your firewall. When it comes to antivirus you need to encode your payload which you can do with msf venom. Encoding a payload makes it harder for antivirus to detect. TBH I can't be fucked looking up the syntax in msfvenom on how to do this so just look up how to encode a payload in msfvenom and you should be fine. Of course this is not guaranteed to work. It might be best just to disable your antivirus altogether if you're just learning. If you are interested in this stuff I'd recommend you read "Penetration testing: a hands-on introduction to hacking". I read it and it's where most of my computer hacking knowledge comes from. Granted, it will not give you enough background to go out and hack highly secured environments. In order to be a real hacker you need to know more then just how to use some tools, you need to know how computers actually work. Anyways best of luck to you :) Here is the book E-book/Penetration Testing - A hands-on introduction to Hacking.pdf Regards, ReAiFi
  2. Hello all, I just picked up hacking the art of exploitation 2nd edition and wanted to pick up shellcoder's handbook after I finish reading aoe but was wondering if it was worth it. Should I just go and read tutorials from places like corelan or is shellcoder's handbook a must? also what should I know before diving into shellcoders handbook? I already know a bit of X86 asm and also have some foundations c. But I'm not sure if that is enough. Regards ..ReAiFi
  3. Hello all, I'm ReAiFi Not much to say I started learning about computers and hacking about 1 1/2 years ago learned to program in python and then moved onto c I also know a little bit of ASM(intel syntax x86) and Im currently teaching myself exploit development. I'm also in the middle of teaching myself windows and linux system administration. If anyone wants to have a chat shoot me a pm (; Regards, ..ReAiFi