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  1. Hello all. I'm one of the suckers who like windows phone. the whole interface/ui. i just love it. but as any windows phone users out there, I'm kinda piss and sad, that i can't use a lot of the apps i want. like android and Iphone got. so. I'm in a quest. a quest, to give myself, and any good sir out there, the function that should be able for all phone users. I decide to start by looking at spotify, Yes spotify is able for window phone users, but. spotify connect is a other story. A function spotify have claim to be able for all devices. a lot of people have been asking spotify when it would be able for years, but no respons. that is why, i want to find a way for this to be possible, so long i been thinking about sniffing the network, or reverse engineering a apk file. but I'm not sure if this is the right way, or even can be done. So now I'm looking for any hints to where to look. or even a simple. no forget it. it is not worth the time. Anyway, thanks for the time spent here,