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  1. So I know it's been a couple of years since this was posted, but they're still up. I was messing around on the 5ESS today and I found a valid area code and prefix. I started scanning (602)379 and so far this is what I got: 9999 = Ringout 9998 to 9970 is the NIS message. So far that's all I scanned. I'll be sure to post more of what I find once I get some more scanning done!
  2. Makes sense, it's a lab switch, it wasn't meant to be too accessible...
  3. That makes sense, for this switch do you think it could be due to an unsuccessful database query?
  4. On the DMS-100, I dialed 1800-444-4444 and it gave me a dialtone. I tried dialing an outbound number and it gave me reorder. I tried an inbound number to the 5ESS and it connected me to the NIS 5ESS message. I also tried dialing 1-800-437-7950 and it gave me the same results. It seems like those two numbers are some form of portal into the 5ESS. I tried the same thing from the 5ESS and it didn't work.
  5. I'm curious, why are the phone companies replacing the 4ESS like that? Are the originals getting too old?
  6. I have an idea of what I did, I just have to redraw the plans. It's no problem, I'm glad I can share the plans with someone!
  7. Did you have problems with Ruby too? And I think iWar supports IAX2, if I remember correctly.
  8. I'm using Vonage, and honestly I'm not sure.
  9. I've tried calling 10-10-XXX numbers over VoIP providers, and I haven't had any success. Is there a reason why 10-10-XXX numbers don't work over VoIP? Do they only work with POTS lines, or is there a way to call those numbers using VoIP? I'm curious to know, it's something I haven't put time into researching because I haven't had that time for a while now.
  10. If you are using Linux, you could try WarVOX. It's a wardialer but it used VoIP instead of a modem. I haven't had success installing it honestly, but if you do let me know how it is!
  11. I've designed a blue box myself a while ago, it used two 555 timers and an LM386. I never got around to building it though, just didn't have the time or the parts. I'll redraw the plans and send them to you if you want me to. Have you heard of ProjectMF? If not, look it up and use your blue box there! I've had a lot of fun with ProjectMF using ToneDef on my cell phone.
  12. Also, is it still 10 pm Eastern?
  13. Nice! I'll see if I can dial in sometime soon!
  14. Is this still going on?
  15. I was curious one day to see what would happen if I dialed my cell's number while using 011 to set it as an international phone call. So I dialed 011 + (5XX)XXX-XXXX (I'm not going to give out the number for privacy reasons) on my rotary dial phone and I heard clicking, then a Vonage "call cannot be completed" message. I tried again. Same thing. I tried yet again, and I got a message back in Spanish. I have no clue what it said because I don't speak Spanish, but I found that interesting! I figured out that "5" was the international code for Spain, which makes sense. My question is why I got an error message in Spanish sometimes, and a Vonage message for most of the time. Does it have something to do with a tandem switch it is going through? Is there something I am missing?