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  1. I went down to the fall Antique Telephone collectors association show in Shipshewana, Thought I'd share some pics Enjoy
  2. Hey all just joined Been on the IRC for a while, Im Phr34k5h0w. I collect telco gear. I have about 50 phones. a Western Electric 551B Switchboard that works. payphones and numerous PBXes. I just moved to a new house so I'll be setting up the PhreakShow Telco again soon. I used to redbox payphones all the time in high school and middle school. My grandfather was a retired Bell employee so he built me a redbox. I hosted a TCI Event 2 years ago, The TimmyNet Telephone Show. My son is 11 and loves old phones. I also collect vintage computers and stuff like that. Anyways I'm glad to be here.