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  1. Hello, I'm really new to, hacking?, dunno if I can even call it like that for now. I installed linux mint about a week ago, and played with it a lot, Had a great time actually Spent a lot of time navigating and reading all kind of topics about linux, Used terminal only, Even navigating through windows and pages, I used keyboard shortcuts, I know its laughable, But it made me feel cool inside :dirol: I really like it so far and getting used to it, anyway enough about me... the topic from here to there i bumped into nmap, used it to see who is connected to the wifi and which open ports they have, found one with 21/TCP open, $ ftp **.**.**.** ** Connected to **.**.**.** 220 Ftp firmware update utility used Admin Admin as user and pass Name (**.**.**.**:******): Admin 331 Password please. Password: 230 User logged in. Remote system type is UNIX. Using binary mode to transfer files. ftp> but from there I feel stuck... tried googling it, nothing helped me, or maybe I did it wrong.. I know I'm a noob, But, 1.FTP-file transfer protocol. 2.connected. 3. new line I never saw appears, ftp> Is it really useless? I feel like I'm in but have no idea what to do. please help me, or at least assure me that it is useless ===================== Moderator's Note ===================== It's actually "file TRANSFER protocol", not "TRANSACTION" protocol. I took the liberty of fixing it. /scratchy
  2. Hey Never registered to any forums, of this kind Now I've registered to a bunch of forums for beginners and I'm trying to find the best ill fit in to.