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  1. For my inaugural post, here's the (semi) interesting results from a low range scan of a 5ESS, minus the unimportant numbers 814-696 ----00XX---- 0008: Fax 0022: Line in CO (Joe apparently) 0023: Ringout 0024: Ringout 0025: like 22 0026: like 22 0037: Some sort of high tone (around 2200 Hz), then reorder if you stay on 0051: 440 Hz tone, sit on line and get reorder. Doesn't seem to react to DP or DTMF, need to try MFs 0074: SIT CBCAD 0075: SIT Call did not go through 0077: Ringout 0080: Reorder 0081: Ringout 0082: Busy 0086: SIT We're sorry, you must first dial a 1 when calling this number. Will you please hang up and try your call again 0087: The call you have made requires a coin deposit. Please hang up, check the instructions on the payphone for the appropriate rate, and dial your call again 0088: Ringout 0089: CBCAD from phone you are using, please read the instruction card and dial again 0090: Reorder 0091: SIT CBCAD 0092: Ringout 0095: SIT We're sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again or call your attendant to help you. Thank you. 0096: SIT We're sorry, due to telephone company facility troubles, your call can not be completed at this time. Will you try your call again later, thank you 0097: SIT We're sorry, all circuits are busy now, will you please try your call again later thank you 0098: We're sorry a CAC is required for the number you have dialed, please dial your call using an access code 0099: Ringout If anyone has any insight into what 0037 or 0051 are, I would certainly enjoy knowing