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  1. Sounds nice, but it appears to be US only. So not very international...
  2. Would be cool to drop by, if not at 5AM my time... also what is that number? how do you join?
  3. What do you mean? and is Opencache an alternative to Geocache for North Muricans?
  4. I just googled that and guess what: https://int3.cc/products/usbcondoms haha It doesn't say in the description that it prevents your phone from frying, but logically that's the first device to fry...
  5. Ok I went out and checked on that dead drop I mentioned in my city and it's dead. No surprise when it didn't work I didn't have a lot of hopes, because it was registered in 2011. Though there were at that location a just married couple and the dude was giving me an awkward look when I was plugging my device into a wall haha. Anyway, now I have a sudden urge to drop around a few of these myself. Maybe a few flash drives at first while I prepare a sealed hard drive dead drop I can see how this could be dangerous, now with things like a USB killer, but that'd be one hell of a devilish deed. So just to be safe, I suppose you could have some old smartphone with an OTG cable and plug into that first, see if it produces smoke or not
  6. I'm talking about those storage media embedded into an object (most commonly a wall) - https://deaddrops.com/ Some art-related dude came up with an idea to place flash drives into walls and register them as deaddrops. People then could come up to it and connect their devices and do some shit. Honestly this is a fun idea, but I don't see how could this catch on. It only exists in a very small circle of people... I have found that there is one deaddrop registered in 2011 in my city, so I might go and try to find it, see if it still works As a trial, I thought to step it up a bit and hide a hard drive somewhere by placing it in a sealed container... because I have a few 2.5" drives (with few bad sectors, but I won't put good drives into a wall) laying around, so why the hell not Also PirateBoxes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PirateBox) seem to be the same thing, just with wifi. I also have a few old Android devices laying around, might try to convert one
  7. Everything said are valid points. It's exactly what I do if it comes to that. Normally if I want something special printed out, I make an order through email. The most common way I use flash drives today is to watch movies from it on my dumb-TV. It was a long time since I went on a public computer for stuff... sometimes, if it's a small file, I would upload it to my website Heh more often than flash drives, I use external hdd drives to store data and backups though. @tekio: it sounds like you had some really strict rules didn't people bust your balls for that? because you know... inconvenience?
  8. Hello forum. I was thinking the other day - with cloud computing at this time being so widespread, we all know the benefits. And we all (or most of us) remember carrying our documents in floppy disks, after that - flash drives. But now I'm seeing very few occurrences of people using flash drives to store stuff. I have noticed this on myself as well - I always carry a flash drive in my backpack that is encrypted with a password, but come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I have plugged it in So do any of you feel the same and how did you manage to live without flash drives today?
  9. Hello. After a long while searching for nice places to reside in and contribute to, I was referred to this forum by some friends. Haven't gone through the forum to familiarize myself with the ethics, but I'm getting there anyway, about me - well I'm mostly a programmer with a big interest in photography, employed in IT doing all sorts of stuff, been on a couple of forums, administrated some. I am always interested in the hacking and security side of computing, but never professionally, just hacking this and that (Shameless plug) and I occasionally write an entry in my blog about my projects and other things: http://9v.lt/blog So that's me, thx.