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  1. If I were you I would not buy from Tiger Direct. It does depend on what you want to use it for. Of coarse it would be good for surfing the net (802.11 b/g woreless) even know its shitty. It would also be good for completing small tasks, but if you want it for gaming or sumpting, than you are going to want to go with an AMD CPU. I would also reconsider getting a better laptop with atleast 80 GB HD, or you are going to need an external harddrive if you want it to hold all your shit. I might even get my RAM with two 256 sticks of mem. I am only talking about the first one on the list. You could tell me what you want to use it for, so I could shed some more light. bomb.bmp
  2. Do you have any idea the year of the 2600 it was in?
  3. Ya know that hack with the coke machine? I was curious, is it real. Ime not really anxious enough to find out, to go and try it, so could you guys tell me if this is legimate. He brings up a menu that I assume you can change and get free cokes out of. Is this true? Here Watch it for yourself
  4. I just wanted to know what you guys think the best programming languge to start with? I already know HTML, and I dont want any more for web design. So could you guys help me with this? What is the most useful language, but also the easiest to learn? :yell: elite_logo.bmp
  5. elite_logo.bmp
  6. OMG, this kid really needs to work on his english, and why did he open the source their was no point. I have had quite a few people ask me how to hack hotmail. If it was this easy everyone would be doing it. This kid just wants the respect. At the end he says I am not responsible for you hacking, I just want to show you, anyone that watches that that thinks it will work is gonna try it. :usuck:
  7. I see your point, but I have never tried this
  8. Their might be a way if their was a way that you could convince the persons provider, that you are them. Call the persons provider and give them your name. Say that I lost my papers and I do not know my phone number. I do not know any other providers numbers, but I know that the I-Wireless number is 1888-550-4497.(customer service) It might work better if you just called the local store. For this to work you will atleast have to know their name, mabe address, mabe date of birth, and mabe more. They may ask for your social security number, but I dont think it is required. If you dont know the persons provider, than your next guess is to ask the people they know. I think that the idea of calling the provider will be easier. This is off the subject but what is 206-666-evil.....DONT WANNA FIND OUTPimpin_super_computer_2.bmp
  9. 1.Walk into a local pizza place following somebody in 2.Make sure the people that you followed in dont know you in any way, but besure to act like you know them 3Listen to them as they take their order. Get their name, pizza type, phone number if you want to be on the safe side. 4.Keep acting like your with them untill your out of the pizza store. 5.Go home. 6.Call the pizza place and complain about the pizza. 7Ask if their is anything that they can give you as something towards half a pizza. Most likey they will say yes, but you may have to grind them down abit befor they give you a new one. 8.While you are talking to them give them your name and pizza type, so they know for sure your not ripping them off. 9.Leave your house and go get your free pizza. 10.This will probobly work about once or twice a year, for every pizza place, but their are many pizza places out their, and everytime you are hungry and dont feel like paying. It would be a good time to use this trick. I am sorry if my post is offensive to you feel free to close it if you want.
  10. I just wanted to know how to crack a password using brute force or dic attack for one reason and one reason only, Pen Testing, I am not a cracker and I never will be. I dont destroy! I am not currently in college, so I do not have the resources that I will have some day. I have checked out many books and faqs, they however do not give step by step information like I need. If anyone has a book that they think would be helpful. Thats good too. But if you think that I just want to destroy, not true. I respect other peoples property.
  11. I have a question to ask, I know how to hack a password using brute force or a dic attack. But I do not know how to hook the software up to the log in page to crack it. How does it work. Do you know? If you do not know what I mean I will try to explain! When I want to crack a password how does the password cracker, know when it finds the correct password, or do you have to try each password it guesses seperately. (I HOPE NOT) Any info that anyone has to this will be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! :help: