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  1. Not sure if this interests any of you, but the Insane Clown Posse hotline is still up and running after 20 years. The number is 714-647-2465, it's been updated with news about the Gathering. I'm curious as to what they're using for playing announcements, when I press * I get the option to enter a 4 digit passcode. I'm assuming it's for the answering machine. I've tried a bunch of combos but got nothing. Idk if anyone would care about this but I thought it was fun
  2. Yup, fixing other people's work is a pain. My work is great, luckily everybody knows what they're doing and the existing code base is for the most part perfect. Some old tech is still kicking but it could be way worse. Networking would drive me nuts, I have a hard time keeping the wires on my desk organised haha
  3. And that's why I went into webdev, that network just sounds like a headache lol.
  4. Wish I paid more attention to networking classes in high school. Was there a hub with a bunch of devices connected to that port? Was someone torrenting a giant file without a bandwidth limit? Did a wifi router not have a password on it? Pls do tell
  5. Not sure if this belongs in this sub or the phreak section, because it has to do with phones.. but it also has to do with google-dorking. Anyways, this dork popped up on the exploit-db from _aliardic_, it shows publicly available Mitel systems. I'm not 100% familiar with these but they appear to be conference call devices that record conferences and also works for dropbox-style file sharing. I haven't tried joining a call, but I've been able to listen to recordings. Some files are password protected. Have fun! google: inurl:/awcuser/cgi-bin/