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  1. Something I didn't mention is that the handscanner assistant (cons0le) will not just be for the Diva, it will also be able to be used with voice modems - and with a much dumbed down feature set - regular modems with no voice features at all. to one of your thoughts - and this would be far down the line as my level of coding is not quite to this point yet - but i like the idea of tone pattern matching to identify and eliminate.. i also like the idea of doing CNAM pulls on numbers dialed to eliminate certain types of destination numbers from even being dialed. I'm getting quite far in my project and it will be at a point of resting and promoting soon, at which point i will continue and accelerate work on cons0le.. i will definitely seek input and testers here if anyone thinks they might be interested..
  2. hmmm..

  3. at various points in my life i've written little handscanner assistant utilities.. yes, i know there are some already out there - whatever.. i like to code. i've been working on a new project called cons0le (and cons0le-web). i restarted this project because i recently obtained a dialogic diva card and wanted to play with some of the features of the card. at this point i am reaching out to see what realistic features any of you might want to see added to such an app... It is a windows based app written in and also a javascript counterpart web based app. current working or to be worked on items are: - random/sequential dialing of multiple npa/pre/suff - extreme scheduling/timing of scan jobs - dtmf detection - dtmf send either via dial string or live during call via mouse clicks - outgoing .wav either on outgoing calls or incoming calls - tone detection in general - definable call documentation as well as presets (vmb, ringout, etc..) - sync with a master web app which will provide a "phone book" type interface - master web app will also be able to generate npa/pre/suff and log calls via presets/user definable buttons - f2f syncing of results files. (encryption type is still up in the air on this..) All of the above is already set in stone.. I would love to hear any suggestions for other features though.. doc
  4. welp.. i've been working on three projects for a bit and am along far enough to mention them... - will be the largest collection of wardialers, ld code hackers, vmb hackers, telenet scanners, scene transfer software, underground bbs software and more that has ever been compiled for 8/16 bit computers. DOS/Windows stuff may come later but that is not my focus right now as you can find that stuff anywhere. 8/16 bit stuff is starting to get lost and I am going to ensure that doesnt happen. - discussion of old school phreaking as well as the apps used.. maybe not too interesting to most people on binrev - who knows? - rants and humor that surround the underground scene and technology in general. I have an absolute SHITLOAD of stuff to add to so please bear with me - but the site is open for business so to speak.. doc
  5. Any hangouts in this area anymore? Relatively sure the 2600 stuff has died and my own personally "hosted" PLA972 stuff has been shuttered for quite some time too...
  6. Curious if anyone has heard of a fork of WarVOX that is currently being maintained? I was able to get it to run - but it was a bit flaky.. Hard to find IAX2 support (cheap) but I did manage to find a carrier who didn't punt me for scanning lightly ...
  7. WWW will be up soon (again)... BLOG will be updated soon....
  8. Got Warvox (docker) running on Kali...It works, but its pretty feature bare - though a few things are neat like signal profiling.. I was just curious if anyone had tried iWar2 and how it compared... I am guessing it would be good to have them both - but figured I would get others input before I went to the trouble of installing it.. Thanks for any replies... If nobody does then I will post my thoughts after comparing the two..
  9. Welp I found someone and got WV up and running... Did a test and will wait a bit and see if I get a nastygram from the provider. Seems like warvox 2.0 is a bit incomplete - but as far as voip testing goes it seems to be the only game in town other than handscanning.. Will be testing TL and THCS over magicjack as well - but I've heard that gets shut down super quick and I know MJ limits call destinations pretty badly too... Anyways...
  10. What happeed to this? With the growth and space it sounds like you were well on your way to making this happen - but no update since 2014? And now I see that the OP hasn't even visited since 2014... Shame.
  11. I put my first BBS online using an Atari 800XL, a single 180k floppy drive and a 300 baud (Atari XM301) modem. That was also the same setup that I first boxed with, wardialed with and codescanned with.. That was around 1984 and I remember listening to Queensryche - Rage for Order on LP brand new on a rainy day while editing the basic code to MarshBBS on my Atari ... Interesting thing about the comment regarding a lot of bbs's being spawned from WWIV.... That is definitely true - but as I saw it - at least in the USA - there were three camps really... Forum-PC (Ken Duda) and all of its hacks (emulex, fone conspiracy, and gobs of others), WWIV, and the opus/pcboard/wildcat/rbbs/blahblahPD guys... I used to be and still am a collector of all things BBS and love the fact that BBS's still exist and it seems like even from time to time (especially recently) seem to be coming back on everything from true C64 hardware to stuff like Syncronet and even JS based ascii/ansi telnet/ssh based BBS's .. One day it will all just be a memory in a text file - but it won't be anytime soon. Thankfully.
  12. Any suggestions on an iax2 outbound termination provider... ? I have looked into quite a few very dated resources that lead me to a few providers that look promising - although it doesn't appear they allow "predictive dialer - lol" type traffic.. Warvox/Iwar don't seem to be terribly hot topics these days.... Thanks for any and all responses...