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  1. Found a modem at 716-372-9979. I dialed in with a DOS terminal program (Crosstalk Communicator) and upon connecting the screen reads: CONNECT 1200 REMOTE 42424 Sorry I couldn't attach a photo, I have one but it doesn't want to upload from my phone at the moment.
  2. I think it would be worth mentioning that ToneLoc works in the windows xp command prompt (I was using 32bit windows, probably wont work w/o dosbox under newer 64 bit windows). I was also using a UsRobotics pci Winmodem in that PC.
  3. Hey guys, I came to this forum because I like to do stuff with phones and phreaking. Earlier today I wardialed part of the town near me (looking for interesting computer systems). I got exactly 0 carriers. Anyway, I want to do more boxing and other phun stuff. I also want to learn more about networking and pentesting. I have several PC's set up at my house so that shouldn't be a problem. I am pretty sure that the telephone system around here is POTS. When I go to use a dial up ISP (we have a 4G hotspot but its only 12gb a month, its already 95% used), I only get around 33kbps, a little more on a good day (someone on an IRC told me that it has something to do with POTS, I don't exactly remember what though). I do live in the middle of nowhere though so that's probably why we have POTS. Anyway, I hope to learn more about that kind of stuff as well as more computer related things such as programming and networking. Thanks, -TelePhoney