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  1. I was digging through some ThoughtPhreaker numbers from back in 2012/2013 when I came across this entry: 503-654-9900 - Synthesized voice, "AM transmitter. Please enter access code" .... Now there is a little something "extra" at the end of the message...... I wonder if someone figured out the access code?? Hahaha AWW I see someone already discovered this in 2014
  2. I was able to dial this system and it is accepting my input. I'm using 'HyperTerminal Personal' 7 E 1 /1200baud. Just poking around the display trunk options. Interesting....... 515-733-4769 appears to be a black&decker store, 800-544-6986 is the black and decker 800 number - are these some sort of forwards? Like they closed the store and forwarded that number to the 800? Edit: they do seem to be some sort of forwards, for example, 515-733-2244 used to be Shadlow Financial, but then they were acquired and the new # is 733-5113 which is Edward Jones. NEW EDIT: OK this is the thing that facilitates saying 'the number has been changed' and reading out the new number Update: the SXS "table" is completely blank
  3. That is super interesting and technical! I love and appreciate your posts, i have a good time calling the strange numbers. Next up I need to get a modem going! My POTS line is from a CenturyLink fiber GPON connection - will it have identical behaviour to a copper POTS line, or do you think it's some sort of VoIP going on? I guess even if it is VoIP, it's going to CenturyLink's systems so should be pretty damn close to copper.
  4. +1 206 233 9982-9999 - the number is IN service, please try your call again (?? weird) then goes to busy signal for 4 seconds, pauses 1 second, goes to busy again, sometimes goes to 'if you'd like to make a call please hang up and try again' after ringing after some popping sounds