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  1. I will be there Thursday after 3:30 or so.
  2. Ok I've not been on here much since the forums changed, I find it a bit different, which isn't bad but I'm surprised to see that there isn't a post with people talking about going to the Next Hope Conference. I know some people hate 2600, but I've always enjoyed meeting other people at these conferences. So maybe I missed the post that lists the names of the people going in July. I'd like to go in on a room with a few people.
  3. I have a grandcentral account but I don't see a section there to invite people to it like Gmail had.
  4. I'm looking forward to hearing another episode Natas.
  5. Yeah, I definately had a great time, as always though it was too short!
  6. I will be there as well, pimping my binrev shirt.
  7. It's working Ntheory, Thanks for getting the pbx back up. It seems that Suncom isnt disconnecting me from this carrier like they did the last one. On the last number after about one minute it they would disconnect me.
  8. I'm going back to Hope, and I'm looking for someone to share a room with. 150 bucks a night on my own is a little steep.
  9. The stream sounds fine doug.
  10. It might be overwhelming but if one of us worked on it lets say 5 min a day then it could be possible right? And no I'm not asking you do do it Natas, I'm offering to help.
  11. Hey Natas and Subzero did you guys ever do anything with the video and the audio of RFA 76?
  12. I plan on going. I'll have to meet up with you guys Friday night.
  13. It it is asking for a pin conformation number now, so i think the page is fixed.
  14. Hey Stank, just curious when the next order will be going out. I ordered two shirts back on the 12th. Thanks can't wait to get them.
  15. You can find 3 audio streams at Rant Radio Rant Radio Talk Mon: 9AM & 9PM PT on RantRadio Talk Subscribe to the RSS Feed Rant Radio Industrial Rant Radio Punk Newsreal The news you need to stay alive and fight against the corpolitical tyranny that's trying to enslave you! Sean Kennedy has been a mainstay on Internet Radio since 1999. Sean Kennedy broadcasts the real news on NewsReal that you don't hear anywhere else! Every Monday Sean brings you the latest headlines and discussion the way only he can. When? Corporations control where you live, whether you live under the harsh rays of the unveiled sun or under the gleaming dome of the supercities called Archologies. Time is copyrighted. No one can listen to or watch any form of entertainment without acquiring a license to do so. Is this the future, is this fiction? When does Sean’s real world start, and his fictitious, cyberpunk ditopia end? Just listen, and let Server protect us all. You can freely download all the episodes from The Tales From The Afternow web site. Tales From the Afternow I hope you enjoy the media that Rant Media has to offer.
  16. Cool I'm looking forward to hearing the episode.
  17. Ugh double post. :pissed:
  18. I found this today on Hack A Day. If I had an HDTV Tuner in my TV I'd make one today. I hope this helps you out. Edited for spelling.
  19. Thanks Natas, I'm glad you got it back up!
  20. I've been a member here for almost 3 years now. But I browsed the forums and checked everything out, back around November or December of 03. I found out about the DDP and Binrev by listening to Radio Phreak America, I enjoyed listening to it, and from time to time still listen to it. I've said it in the past, that I've learned so much just from listening to Binrev Radio. StankDawg has ben bending over backwards to make the term "hacker" something different than what the media says it means. Binrev Radio to me has been the most informative Radio show I have ever listened to. I personally applaud Stank for this. No I’m not ass kissing or anything. I'm just grateful that all this knowledge is literally at our fingertips. Bells Mind. ntheory. Sometimes referred to as the busiest man in hacking. His contributions on Binrev Radio alone have been enormous, not to mention Default Radio. Why not go ahead and visit Bells Mind and check it out for yourself. Then there's Oldskoolphreak.com, as I stated before, this site made me aware that there were others out there that enjoyed learning how things worked, taking them apart and making them work better. Of course I'm talking about Radio Phreak America. Thank you Dual for all your work. And Natas you are doing a great job keeping Oldskoolphreak.com going. Thank you. YAPL, an awesome payphone list directory, where you can submit pictures of payphones you have come in contact with. A pretty cool database. Thanks Black Ratchet. Rootsecure.net. Mr. Nick84's Security website. Again a wealth of information. Ok you're probably wondering why I’m ranting. I could go on about all the other member sites. Phreakphactor, DDP Hack Radio. And don’t even get me started on DDP Hack Radio. The site where you can listen to radio about hacking all of the time. Geek Love Radio, Doc Droppers, Hacker Events. Hacker Media. I found out about almost all of them thanks to Binrev. As Stank has said. the price of the hosting to accommodate all the new users and hits will be too much for him to pay for. Stank I know you don’t want to rely on donations. But how else are we going to keep this place going? With all the members that frequent these forums, I don’t see why we can’t help out with the cost of the hosting, or pay for it entirely. I know I could afford 5 bucks a month on a long term basis. I'd even give more than 5 bucks. I don’t see why one hundred other people couldn’t afford that either. Just think about it. For the price eating lunch at a fast food restaurant once a month we could keep this server going. Heck and that’s only if one hundred members pitched in. We have so many members, but when money is mentioned people say they have none. I know that just isn’t true. I see posts about the new gear that people bought for themselves. Sure I know there are allot of people out there that can’t afford it. But I also imagine that there are allot of people out there that can too. Again I'll say it. 5 bucks a month, c’mon now. What’s 5 bucks a month? I am not someone on TV asking for your money, heck I can’t stand to hear people beg for money. I guess I am just afraid of seeing this all come to an end when I have personally benefited so much from it. And I know there are so many others that benefited as well. Never have I seen such a place as this where someone new to the "scene" could ask questions without being flamed. Sure there are other places out there to get information but you can be met with an elitist attitude. I didn’t mean to get on a soap box or get emotional but binrev means so much to me, and I'd hate to see it all go away! I personally will do everything I can to make sure it does not disappear!! edited for grammar
  21. Yes Natas, please add the Mind War!!!!!!!!
  22. Nice work Natas, now I've got plenty of content to listen via cell phone when I'm out and about. I talked to Suncom the other day and asked if they had any better plans than the one I am on. They said well hold on and we'll look and see how many minutes you used last month. Three thousand four hundred and fifty minutes. Mr Cessna, I think you should stay on your current plan you are on. Just wait till I start listening to your PBX on it. It's all about the unlimited minutes baby! Eighty five bucks a month!
  23. Maybe if we hook StankDawg up with plenty of free White Castle he might come to PhreakNIC, probably not but it was a try.
  24. I plan on going. I was pretty let down that I was unable to make Hope and Defcon this year. So about 95% sure that I'll be there, even if I have to drive 9 hours like I did to make PhreakNIC 8