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  1. I will be there Thursday after 3:30 or so.
  2. Ok I've not been on here much since the forums changed, I find it a bit different, which isn't bad but I'm surprised to see that there isn't a post with people talking about going to the Next Hope Conference. I know some people hate 2600, but I've always enjoyed meeting other people at these conferences. So maybe I missed the post that lists the names of the people going in July. I'd like to go in on a room with a few people.
  3. I have a grandcentral account but I don't see a section there to invite people to it like Gmail had.
  4. I'm looking forward to hearing another episode Natas.
  5. Yeah, I definately had a great time, as always though it was too short!
  6. I will be there as well, pimping my binrev shirt.
  7. It's working Ntheory, Thanks for getting the pbx back up. It seems that Suncom isnt disconnecting me from this carrier like they did the last one. On the last number after about one minute it they would disconnect me.
  8. I'm going back to Hope, and I'm looking for someone to share a room with. 150 bucks a night on my own is a little steep.
  9. The stream sounds fine doug.
  10. It might be overwhelming but if one of us worked on it lets say 5 min a day then it could be possible right? And no I'm not asking you do do it Natas, I'm offering to help.
  11. Hey Natas and Subzero did you guys ever do anything with the video and the audio of RFA 76?
  12. I plan on going. I'll have to meet up with you guys Friday night.
  13. It it is asking for a pin conformation number now, so i think the page is fixed.
  14. Hey Stank, just curious when the next order will be going out. I ordered two shirts back on the 12th. Thanks can't wait to get them.