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  1. hello friendly mod. i also have experience with postal standards. I study the PDFs that the networks make available, and try to gain new ideas for a new phac. recently I have reverse engineered the CPC machine cancel over the postage to read YYMMDDMM. I have been trying to reverse engineer the 4state barcode including the reed solomon correction error snd have and getting closer to the specs. as for actual mail. I have sent "mail proxies" nationally and internationally, where you send a letter to "ATTN POSTMASTER" and have them open the mail. inside the opened mail is another letter for them to add to their outgoing mail. lately I have been testing the mlocr to find out what type of characters are readable, and what ones are ejected from the machines and are read manually. backwards text, jumbled up, anything goes really. the FC also is interesting. placment of the stamp on the letter can avoid having the stamp cancelled by machine. I have had RTSs with a stamp attached be "returned" to the forwarding address as "postage due return to sender".... I could go on and on... it's my thing guess.
  2. So I have been on the hunt for a community of people who find the postal system not only interesting, but hackable. So far I have reached into the realms of postal machinery like Multi Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR) or Facer Cancellers(FC), 4 state and 2D barcodes, Return To Senders (RTS), Facing Identifying Marks (FIM), Phosphor in postage, etc I have spent a long time systematically testing the machinery and even the staff of the postal company, and have executed many successfully experiments. including international phacs. so I guess I just wanted to know if there is any other OCD mail hackers out there? Phack Yeah! sT4mP5