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  1. I also had some problems with the installing of WarVOX. You can try iWar. It's also a WarDialer for Linux, but I'm not 100% sure if it has VoIP support.
  2. Thank youThoughtPhreaker and d3crypt for your replies, they helped me a lot
  3. Yeah I know ProjectMF and ToneDef. I already played with it and found it really cool. It gave me a feeling, how it was to use a Blue Box. It would be cool if you can send me the plans of your Blue Box. Thank you
  4. I don't know if this was already a topic on binrev. If it was, I'm sorry, that I make a new one. I found an interesting page on instructables.com about an Arduino based Blue Box. I found it quit interesting and cool and decided to build one. It works and was something new. The Box has alot of tone series and features. I just wanted to give a hint for a future project and can say, that it was fun to build one. I put on the link, so you can watch and decide. Hope this will makes fun and I wish you happy building and testing. http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Based-Blue-Box-phreaking/
  5. There are some Scanner Tools on the THC website, eg thc-scan, toneloc and scavenger dialer. Blue Beep can be found over the Wikipedia page. https://www.thc.org/root/scans/
  6. 3. For Linux you could use WarVox, which goes over voip. I think also iWar has an option, where you could scan over voip
  7. AT&T doesn't accept coins for long distance calls since 2002/2003. You can see more here: http://www.phonelosers.org/redbox/
  8. Hello Are there any countries, which still use CCITT 5? Sorry for my bad English