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  1. I was scanning some really remote switches in Alaska and Nunavut today, and found some gems. 867-980-0000 867-980-9999 These two are both intercept messages from the DMS-10 in Grise Fiord, the most northly human settlement in North America. They are recorded in the Inuktitut language, spoken by Inuit natives that were displaced and moved to the High Arctic by the Canadian government. 907-852-9901 Intercept with weird tones after SIT 907-852-0000 Barrow, Alaska Weather Phone by Astac 907-367-9999 Please Enter Your Mailbox Number" These three are from Barrow, Alaska, the most Northerly town in the United States. I am curious as to what those tones are on the 852-9901 number. Will def be doing more scanning tonight.
  2. I have found a large amount of "local" Fraternal Order of Police charity scams that use a very convincing (at first) robot to handle call backs. Many of these are run by the same call center, who process a lot of payments that don't actually benefit any communities. There are five distinct voices I've found, with many states sharing the same bot, only with a different recording for the name. These are fun to play with, as they respond to all sorts of caller reactions to a blind solicitation. There's some key phrases and words that reset their whole spiel, make them think they've offended you, and also put you over to a live person very quickly. They say "Oh, sorry" if you respond in Spanish, but don't seem to react to any other languages. You can conference call multiple robots, and if you time it right, they'll actually start responding to each other in a sort of hellish, futuristic scam echo chamber. I ended up getting two robots to transfer me to two different call agents at the same time, who also thought the other was a call back. If you ask the live people if the robot you were just talking to was real, they refuse to admit that it's a bot. Even if you three way the same bot while talking to them. That's dedication. These three are the most consistent with having the robots on during normal business hours: 425-214-4522 American Police and Sheriffs Association 602-926-7318 Arizona Fraternal Order of Police 614-360-2354 Ohio Troopers Coalition The rest are all sporadic, with some bots being offline for days at a time, probably taking a rest during robocall campaigns. If you don't get a bot, you get the same hilariously vague vm greeting across the board: "We are either assisting other customers, away from our desk, or, we could be closed..." 214-393-2196 Texas FOP 302-703-1412 Delaware FOP Female Voice 317-559-7838 Indiana FOP 321-635-8388 Florida FOP 402-932-8633 Nebraska FOP 410-705-6172 Maryland FOP 443-217-0517 Maryland FOP 469-458-1936 Texas FOP 469-458-1962 Texas FOP 469-458-1963 Texas FOP 484-929-1746 Pennsylvania FOP 510-201-5540 California FOP 512-225-7776 Texas FOP 610-301-0408 Pennsylvania FOP 661-246-4307 California FOP 706-341-0097 Georgia FOP 706-608-4690 Georgia FOP 717-212-0047 Pennsylvania FOP 717-947-9165 Pennsylvania FOP 919-694-4054 North Carolina FOP 941-208-8053 Florida FOP - Different Female IVR 954-533-8128 Florida FOP 980-265-3106 North Carolina FOP - Female Voice 703-947-0997 Viriginia FOP Also, does anyone know what this one is? Could it be a misconfigured DID? 412-345-3840 "You have reached the number for 123453840 that is not assigned yet." [Pennsylvania FOP]
  3. I was able to use ToneDef on a Verizon payphone after calling my own toll free number and getting disconnected, then blowing into the phone while it was hanging up. I got an unmuted mic and a dial tone and was able to place a call. This was a few months ago and the phone is sadly dead now
  4. Also, 212-650-7149 - City College of New York Recorded Message about how that number has been spoofed a bunch of times by telemarketing scammers. Said in the most blunt, frustrated tone.
  5. 508-747-9990 Answers with a click, 3 # DTMF tones, then silence. Hang up at 14 sec. 508-747-9992 "All circuits are busy" From Verizon phone "We are unable to complete your call at this time" Sprint phone. 508-747-9998 6 DTMF (508747) Burst, click, term at 14 sec. 508-746-9911 Milliwatt?? It seems a bit higher. 508-746-9999 6 DTMF (508746) Burst, click, term at 14 sec. 508-224-9998 6 DTMF (508830) Burst, click, term at 14 sec. There's a lot of ringouts on numbers that are one digit apart like a loop. Not sure what the deal is. These are all from a 5ESS. Anyone have any idea what 747-9990 is? Or 746-9911?
  6. So I was on the hunt for some American phone numbers that answer in Japanese. I found some standard phone numbers, like International Calling Services and Airlines. After digging through a bunch of Japanese newspapers and websites, I found a few interesting ones.   1-800-433-0081 - KDDI (International Calling Card to Japan) 1-800-537-3366 - United Airlines Japanese 1-800-237-0027 - American Airlines Flight Booking (Japanese) 1-800-525-2355 - JAL Flight Info (English and Japanese) 1-800-525-3663 - JAL Reservations and Info (Japanese) 1-800-645-5341 - Japanese Help Line (Recording instructs you to call the Little Tokyo Service Center 213-473-3035) 212-442-1541 (ext. 1) - Japanese American Social Services Inc. 1-888-634-8226 - HanaCell Customer Support https://www.hanacell.com/ 1-888-264-7776 - HanaCell WestCoast 1-800-637-7280 - All circuits are busy 213-473-1633 - Japanese Help Line (Live person) 213-473-1630 - International Student Line VMB   Then I started looking into toll-free numbers in other languages, and found out that Skype supports free international toll-free calling to UK, France, Poland, and Taiwan from the United States. So I did some poking around and found some other cool stuff.   France   +33 0800-00-3456 Parents and Babies Line (Weird Long Beep Ring) +33 0800-00-3450 French Intercept +33 0800-00-3453 French Busy Intercept +33 0800-00-0000 Information ?? +33 0800-23-1313 Drug Law Info +33 0800-840-800 Sida Info   Taiwan   +886 0800-098-666 Eva Airways Taiwan +886 0800-075-075 FedEx Taiwan +886 0800-000-000 Reacts to DTMF, then rings +886 00801-615-184 Taiwan Intercept Message +886 0800-000-700 IBM PC/Thinkpad Support Line +886 0800-011-765 Tourist Info Hotline +886 0800-080-123 Chunghwa Telecom   My favorite of all is this one: +886 0800-024-111 Taiwan Foreigner Helpline   Language Options: Mandarin 1 - English 2 - Japanese 3 - ??? 4 - Indonesian 5 - Thai 6 I don't know what the other languages are listed on this IVR, but I think there's at least 8 total language options which is really cool.   So yeah, I am still looking around for Japanese American numbers, but the Skype international toll-free numbers have opened up even more interesting scanning options for when I'm on my lunch break at work. If anyone knows any more numbers, let me know~        
  7. 614-907-4224 "No Routes Found" 512-817-6552 Owned scammer's VMB
  8. Really cool chat last night!
  9. I regret not picking up the Phonemate IQ 2841 I saw at a local thrift store the other day. It was only $4.99 too -__-
  10. 423-697-0289 The most sickeningly sweet Southern girl intercept recording. Chattanooga, TN And thanks for the info ThoughtPhreaker!
  11. Also, this number 508-221-9999 plays 6 DTMF tones and hangs up. Any ideas on what this means? 508-680-9999 "All Circuits are busy, please try again later." 508-374-9999 "Sorry, but your call cannot be completed." Very depressed sounding recording. 508-465-9999 "This number is available for your marketing campaign...Call Greg at 1-800-800-GREG!" (I called but he didn't answer.)
  12. I just happened across this US State Department Phone Directory that was updated today 1/7/2016. www.state.gov/documents/organization/112065.pdf
  13. I got this bag phone last month and was playing around with it to see if there was some tiny chance that it could connect to any network. As I suspected, there aren't any crumbling remains of AMPS networks anywhere near me. An interesting feature about this phone is there's an "Aux Out" which apparently was for sending faxes. Can't imagine lugging all of that around and plugging everything into the 12v jack in your car...