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  1. I don't mind using DOS, but the stuff I got wasn't really anything worth, since I thought it was impossible to get any programs for it. But if I can install Turbo C++ and try out some programming, I will keep it. But how am I gonna install the program? My floppies aren't supported.
  2. ok, I will try that
  3. I just got a cheap old computer, it's an IBM Personal System/2 Model 30, 10 Mhz 80268! It's running MS-DOS 3.3 atm, but I don't plan on doing that for long (at least I would use 5.0 or higher), so I thought about installing a Linux/UNIX system on it. It doesn't have a CD-ROM drive so the distro would have to be on a floppy. Would that be possible? and which distro would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  4. just found it, and thought it had some pretty neat articles about automating things on your windows box, only a few articles about linux, but the files are very recent so I think there will be pretty many in the future.
  5. Windows: MyIE2 Linux: Just plain old mozilla *EDIT* Actually I got a crazy idea about trying a lot of browsers, so I am using I mix of theese: Mozilla Mozilla Firefox Opera Internet Explorer MyIE2 Mosaic (okay I don't really use it ) Advanced Browser Enigma Browser Crazy Browser Netscape */EDIT*
  6. The major difference between home and pro is: - Pro supports domains, where as home only supports LAN - Pro has support for two processors, this is also needed for use of hyperthreading - Pro has support for dual monitor I don't remember more of them, but if he needs this, then he should go Pro, also make sure to get the version that has Service Pack 1(a) installed, if you can since it makes Windows much easier to work with.
  7. g_virus: Well I am seriously considering something like that, but maybe I wouldn't smash my hardware like you suggest, and I'm still gonna stick to Intel, but if I get a new motherboard, CPU and RAM, there shouldn't be a problem right? Just to make sure, there isn't any problem with this configuration: Intel D865PERL Motherboard Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.0Ghz 800FSB Hyper-threading Kingston PC3200 (400Mhz) 512mb DDR-SD RAM Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 40GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200GB MSI FX5950U-VTD256 (Geforce FX 5950 Ultra) 300watt PSU (Is it enough?)
  8. Thanks a lot for the help.
  9. I tried putting the side of the case back on, since I thought it would crash either way, but it seems to be crashing more often then, so I am a bit on doubt of what to do. If the CPU cooler isn't put on correctly, why does Motherboard Monitor 5 report that the temperature is 43C. Could it be the BIOS that's the problem, which is set to shut down on 44C or somethng like that, meaning that I have to update my BIOS? And if it's not that, how do I locate the problem? Stank: No I don't think that's the problem, since it's crashing pretty frequent in uplink
  10. I am having a school project about the quantum computer next week, so I just wanted to know if anyone has any links for e-books/articles, or recommendations of normal books about it. I am also interrested in stuff about Niels Bohr and the quantum theory in general. Your help is greatly appriciated.
  11. All right, I am completely sure it's a hardware error since it crashed under Fedora. I am still getting the error about CPU was overheated, but the highest temp. so far is 44C, which means my CPU cooler is working perfectly. The question now is, how do I know which hardware is causing the crash?
  12. I've downloaded and burned memtest but on test2 it seems to fail somehow, it just stops and I can't use the menu or anything not even ctrl+alt+del. BTW: It also has a habit of crashing when checking for virusses.
  13. All right, I've installed a motherboard monitor which reports max. 43C so far, and I've been using my time to do some, which I belive is pretty CPU intensitive . Oh yeah, I am 99.999% sure the BIOS is correct, and I haven't done any kind of overclocking. I am pretty sure the computer also crashes under Linux (It did when I updated Fedora last night), but I haven't used memtest yet, which is what I am going to do now. Thanks for the many replies.
  14. A few weeks ago I had a problem with my computer crashing, and getting a BIOS error messeage about the CPU was overheating, before I could even install Windows, so I bought a new Zalman CPU coolor (I had the Intel CPU coolor that came with the CPU), which I had heard was very good. So I installed it, using the cooler paste (the old one had coolor tape), as good as I could and started the computer, and installed Windows which worked pretty flawless, but already at the very same evening it crashed again, and ít's been crashing frequently ever since. My computer specs are: Intel D845PESV Motherboard Intel Pentium 4 2,66Ghz 533/400FSB (not completely sure) with Hyperthreading Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu CPU cooler Kingston 512mb 333mhz RAM Some kind of 300watt PSU Some shitty case, that won't allow much heat to slip off, so I have taken the side off (but it still crashes) I am unsure about what the problem is, it could be four things IMO: 1: The CPU-cooler could be bad or installed incorrectly 2: The Motherboard could be damaged and therefore displaying a wrong error 3: The PSU could be generating too much heat near the CPU or be too weak 4: The case might not allow enough air to get through, but it can only be participant in the problem since I have tried taking the side off and having two external room ventilators create better air flow in there Thanks in advance. PS: It seems to be crashing mostly at CPU intensive applications, like when playing Far Cry, but I've been able to download Fedora completely without a single crash.
  15. Yeah I know I should't go with 5200 of GeForce (hell just ordered a 5950 Ultra - since I was tired of my old one ). I know all GeForce FX cards are dx9 cards and I belive the Radeon 9000 serie is that too, but I'll check it out. Thanks a lot for answering all my stupid questions