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  1. Thanks..your right exactly what I wanted and more....
  2. I've probably just missed someone's obvious spot, but I'm wondering if anyone has the archived RFA episodes out for dl.. I've just finished up getting all of the Binrev, now I'm trying to finish up the RFA's. On a side note, just wanted to say thanks for the great shows all that were involved with RFA, I enjoyed listening to all the ones I have. I can't wait for HPR to start..
  3. 1. hp 712/100 (Debian woody) 2. Proliant 1850r w/F1 raid (Mandrake 9.1) 3. 933mhz 390MB (Mandrake 9.1) 4. 1.4ghz laptop (win 2000)work laptop 5. 1ghz AMD 512MB (Fedora) 6. Sparc 20 2x75mhz 512MB (Debian woody) 7. 400mhz laptop (Mandrake 9.1) all connected on a IBM RouteSwitch 8274, god I love ebay...Now that I'm getting better at setting up linux and everything I'm thinking about upgrading my 1850r to slack, put HPUX back on my 712, and solaris on the sparc. Then I just need to get a high speed connect and let people play if they are nice....
  4. auction it on Ebay under antiques?? lol ... Just kidding, I thought Linux needed 8megs of ram, does it even have that?
  5. Actually the standard for anything below Top Secret is only 3 times. Here's a site for a company that sells a software package for it: http://www.zdelete.com/dod.htm It's based on the DOD 5502.22 manual which was originally written in 1995. I'm not sure what the exact standard above secret is because I only deal with up to secret drives, but then again this is also only for drives that are going to be used for government use again. If the drive is going back to a vendor or to DRMO they have to be degaussed.
  6. Pertaining to the amount of times it take to wipe a government drive, if it's for further government use it only takes three times. It's actually once written over with 1's, then with 0's and on the final pass it's a user picked option. If the drive is going to leave government use it has one of two options, a degausser or a sledgehammer.... If you don't know what a degausser is, it's a cabinet sized piece of equipment that basically hit's the drive with a big emp. The funny part about it all is that the German standard is the 20 time write over that was mentioned before...