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  1. thats.....interesting
  2. say you were writing lyrics on an html file- is there any way you could line break without having to type in <br> so many times?
  3. omg! next time i see someone itching their face im gonna shoot them!
  4. well, that was useless to know, yet interesting. Theres this one site that shows popularity of last names called http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2001/thesweetest...arityindex.html
  5. o......k well anyways, thanks. I was just curious. I looked up TCP/IP on w3schools, and it didn't say anything about that.
  6. yea, i agree with stuff like that on ebay being crappy. you can never rely on that stuff. (even on the internet in general) The only good place i could guess to get a good lab top is at best buy
  7. even though i dont believe in crap like that, i still like reading the stories
  8. Who would fall for that though?
  9. If anyone hasn't heard, W3 Schools.com is a great place to learn just about any kind of programming (except maybe vb, Java, or C++). This is where I learned HTML and CSS (and currently Java Script), and it was very easy to learn. They have tutorials for the following: HTML, XHTML, CSS, TCP/IP, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, XPath, XQuery, XLink, XPointer, DTD, Schema, XML DOM, XForms, SOAP, WSDL, RDF, RSS, WAP, Web Services, JavaScript, HTML DOM, DHTML, AJAX, E4X, WMLScript, SQL, ASP, ADO, PHP, .NET Microsoft, .NET ASP, .NET Mobile, Media, SMIL, SVG, FLash, Web Building, Web W3C, Web Browsers, Web Quality, Web Semantic, Web Careers, Web Hosting, and Web Certification.
  10. yo
  11. youd think hed die of a more dramatic death. Actually, has anyone heard of that one time- he went to a wild swamp with really big crocodiles, and one almost attacked him, but his friend took the blow and died. Its sad though; i like his showes. theres a slideshow about it on compfused.
  12. one more thing- is ip used for more than e-mails?
  13. Is it possible for more than 1 computer to have an ip address in the same area?
  14. Would it do the same thing if the computer was in another area? (like not where the old one was?)
  15. oh, i know html and css. not java script thought, but im working on it.