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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aS3IphimwY Anyone remember this? I do....just some sesame street muppets thing i found on youtube
  2. I totally couldn't hear the SIT tones at all -- called a couple times too. Think it could have been crosstalk?? How did ya find that one anyway? Cool number. That BOOP at the beginning is kinda like this cool one (845) 735 9927 which appears earlier in this thread, I think. Anyone know what that initial BOOP tone means/meant?
  3. Hey folks check this out: http://www.archive.org/details/Operator1949_2 cool shit
  4. I would usually call them telco hotels, but I've heard switch hotels too. it's becoming almost exactly the same as colocation -- the telcos rent or sell space and peering, just like a colo datacenter. A lot of the telcos in these places are more like datacenters now, but with a DMS or a class 5 switch, to connect to in the back room. I'm on the east coast so I think of 111 8th ave in Manhattan (Port Authority Bldg), or 60 Hudson which is the old Western Union building. 60 Hudson is impressive as hell, if you've ever seen it!! Man that place is bad ass. It's a tall building built in the 1930's, art-deco style, and it's telco hotel which is so full wire it aint even funny Especially in NYC but in general they normally have high security, with swipe cards, biometrics, passwords etc. Sometimes at 60 Hudson you might think you're at an airport or a military installation or something...
  5. anyone in London?? when I was about 14 I used to call one of the payphones in Picadilly Circus all the time, I'm sure the phones don't have the same number anymore but if if anyone could go by there and write down some payphone numbers, post or PM me I'd sure appreciate it
  6. I get an error message with a british chick: NPA -- 202 (no SIT) "The number you have dialed has NOT been recognized. Please check, and try agaAIn." i love english girls, hehehehe
  7. it's been changed as of the past few hours...
  8. HAHAHHAHAHA NICE!!!!! "One two three four five!?! That's the stupidest *password* I've ever heard!! That's the kind of combination some idiot would have on his luggage!!" ( http://www.kpvi.com/index.cfm?page=nbcheadlines.cfm&ID=16846 for those of you who missed the news story last month....) hehehe thanks that was a great laugh, good job bro