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  1. Please someone move this to the Newbie HQ. This is sad. Also, epew23, if you find an article that's great. If you feel that it will contribute to the community or teach people a new thing or two, that's even better; post it. However, I'm pretty sure just about everyone here knows about the concept of a loop. Might I add that the "Anarchist Cookbook" is not a good source. If you read the author's after-thoughts, you'll see why (if you still don't get it). This isn't the place to carry on like a 10 year old. That will most likely get you zero respect and probably a fast ban.
  2. Never mind I switched the card and my 56k modem . (I switched the placement of them on my computer) Nice drawing .
  3. Nice! Now I have my number bounced (*cough* er, fowarded) four times! Hah. Thanks for the link .
  4. "Since 1902 New Hope Telephone Cooperative has been providing telephone service to it's residents. Check the links to the left to find information about the services we provide." What the-? 1902...?
  5. You mean Robert?
  6. Someone picked up .
  7. Awh, damn sad.gif. This is almost as depressing as listening to Phone Trips .
  8. ThoughtPhreaker, +1 (715) 696-4567 gives me a dialtone .
  9. verizon carrier That doesn't really help, but okay . Oh, and +18002690031 is an AT&T Easy Reach 800 number. You enter the access code and it terminates to what ever number is on that account. It's like a personal 800 number. ** removed due to complaint-related issues with that number.
  10. +XXXXXXXXXXX Found this while hand scanning. Not exactly sure what it is, but if you press 9 it acts as some sort of monitor. 1-6,8, and 0 all simply play back DTMF tones. If you press 9 again, it stops listening. 7 seems to disconnect. Anyone have any ideas as to what exactly this is? The background noise sounds very mechanical and industrial. Also, every time you start listening, you hear a loud "CHHHHHH" sound.
  11. I got obsessive with it .
  12. ThoughtPhreaker, great bit of history . I was having trouble searching for information regarding Livengood. Where did you find all this out? c/d 500, don't make the mistake I made. I went crazy with war dialing a while back and got, in return, a 900 dollar bill from MCI.
  13. Yeah, nothing new at all . Look at the "Alaska" thread that I started.
  14. fluidicslave, "total moron" doesn't really explain it. Tell me how alarms will be ringing for the system admins over a few login attempts. Who here checks their logs on a day-to-day basis? Not I.
  15. No, not at all. That's just silly. Your ISP keeps logs of which IPs belong to who. And let's just say they didn't- how about your MAC address? Sys Admin: "Oh, here's another IP address. Wait a sec- the MAC is the same. This must be the same guy! Okay, something fishy is going on here." Since you actually didn't do anything, I really doubt anyone is going to notice. Even if someone does, what damaged occured? Next time you go and crack your school's security (which I don't exactly recommend), at least use a proxy. [edit] Oh, and I've had similar experiences. Take this as a "lesson learned" . [edit 2] And careful about which handle you post these kinds of questions under. A bit of Google hacking shows some stuff on someone who might just be you .
  16. You may want to check out Perverted-Justice's website. They do some very similar work. Great idea for a project, by the way!
  17. Mind at least explaining to everyone why and how this works? I find it somewhat lame when someone posts a so-called "exploit" without even explaining anything at all. That's no technical skill; that's simply clicking a few buttons.
  18. That actually had be somewhat scared for a second. I kept on thinking "Can people really be believing something so (in my opinion) far fetched and extreme?"
  19. I'm actually in the process (though this may fall through due to lack of time and money) of setting up a cheap calling card service for say, 4 cents a minute. I'm working on adding in a feature to change your CID to what ever you want, for added privacy of course, for an extra cent a minute. I suppose this could be used in a non-legit matter, but that really isn't my problem to tell you the truth. I'm really into privacy. If the feds want to cause trouble with my service simply for allowing my customers to protect their privacy, let them. I'm not doing or encouraging a single illegal thing. I won't even be keeping logs, anyway. Customer assumes all risks. [edit] It's extremely evident that our court system isn't even built on real justice or laws. It isn't illegal to spoof CID. Unfortunate how they are still demanding that these sites be shut down . I've really come to be dissapointed in the US g.ov these days.
  20. Ah. Not a problem .
  21. I find this very interesting, but I'm not exactly sure I can believe it. Is it possible you can post a screenshot?
  22. These days if you don't like something you can sue them over it. It's pretty stupid yet people actually win cases over petty things; amazing isn't it? Our court system isn't actually based on justice. Not very shocking to me .
  23. Ah, I see. Thanks for pointing that out mo0.
  24. Whoa! I'm tried it with my Windows Mobile 5.0 (8125 model) and it worked. A message box came up with the title "Phone" in the upper right hand corner of the screen and it displayed my supposed IMEI. These codes have been around for a while. Since they work on other phones, even the new ones, maybe this is unique to the carrier and not the phone? This is very interesting...
  25. So, let's say you've "tracked" him. Then what?