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  1. What the hell does this program do?
  2. I got one back when paypal started there Beta its a really nice feature. Apple (MAC) has something similar for there REPS. It generates an ID # with Letters if I'm not mistaking. Same concept.
  3. I myself use Pansat 2700/E and CoolSat 6000 I agree they dont have an exciting Menu/EPG Screen but gets the job done, and you get free TV. I'm not complaining. been doing this for over 3 years now before that it was DirectTV. I loved the Receivers on those but sad trip it don't work no more or if it does its way to complicated. i wanna be up and running really fast. TVants link that baloon was referring too
  4. Hey Guys thanx for all your help it helped alot i will start off with "ubuntu" then work myself into other if i dont like it and the getting started guide good work thanx for that
  5. i didnt say it was slowing me down i just said i wanted to go into it again but i just want to know what ppl recommend for me to use thats all
  6. Hii guys first time writing in this forum I love this website gotten alot of info keep it up This questions goes out to the Linux experts or users. I wanna dual boot my laptop with windows/linux and i wanted to know which platform is a good one to go with i have worked with Mandrake suse fedora I dont want this to turn into war between linux users i just want to know whats good out there now that i can use with the latest kernal and easy to operate and at the same time have alot of capabilities Thank you very much for your time guys take care
  7. if you try 555-1212 its the sprint 411 used to be free i think but they charge ur ass $1.40