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  1. 7602490013-instant hangup 7602490024-~ 7602490028-~ 7602490041-~ 7602490042-~ 7602490043-~
  2. thank you.
  3. I'm hosting a meeting tonight, actually: thanks. but i work mon-fri from 7pm to 12am. i'll have to take off sometime, and make the 38 mile journey
  4. anyway, i used to play around with beige box's and such when i was a lot younger, recordings and such. but i had a lot of friends whom would do the same thing, either get high or mess with peoples lines. now since i moved away from the high desert i haven't really done anything of that nature. anyway, i was wondering if any phreaks are from southern california. i live near La and would like to meet up or talk with someone around here.
  5. grr i answered my first question.. and does format /autotest format without asking anything?
  6. either matrix, or talon. download is free too. i install camera's and such within liquor stores. its quite simple to set it up through the internet. ip's and ports.. yay.