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  1. Loosely translated as “The center of the Earth is everywhere and all around us.” Literally “... and on our premises.” Eluard lived during the first half of the twentieth century. Most famous as a surrealist writer he became a pacifist after being injured in First World War, influenced the dadaists and the French resistance. Eluard wrote about and inspired filmmaker Luis Bunel, painters Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Pablo Picasso and writers such as Andre Breton with whom he helped found the literary branch of the Surrealist movement. He is considered a great thinker of modern media and probably would have considered Angel’s analogy to the internet to be spot on. One of France’s television networks uses the shorten version of his quote as their motto.
  2. Oh, I am such a idiot. But 2.0 does have new features. Recording is enabled now. Will test.
  3. I was wanting to do the same to intro friends to RFA. dual has said it was okay before in earlier episodes. Still okay?
  4. Not cheap, but two fun options are the Apple iPod (want it) and the Archos JukeBox (got it). You can boot with the iPod, probably with the Archos as well but I haven't tried it yet. The iPod cost twice as much as the Archos, but the screen is twice as big and the case is smaller. Both use laptop harddrives so you can trade up at least with the Archos. The iPod has a better menu unless you load the Archos with the RockBox drivers. RockBox provides better menus and performance than Jukebox, and with Archos Recorder, games (tetris, sokoban and wormlet). Oddly enough you won't be able to record (they're working on that supposedly) but it's easy to convert back. The iPod uses standard firewire cable. The Archos special USB cable, but plugs it to everything I've tried above Win 98 with USB without installing OS drivers including Mac and Linux. Both are discreet enough to carry into retail establishments and offices. Oh, they play music too. http://www.oldskoolphreak.com/tfiles/ipod_use.txt Great Article by Logan5 Secrets of the iPod by Christopher Breen costs $US21.99 but is free a the library. http://rockbox.haxx.se/ Wow, above review was for RockBox 1.4. Now 2.0 is in and has Doom. I’m loading up right now.
  5. StankDawg mentioned pay by cell meters in San Francisco. I could not find those, but there are Impark Garages in San Francisco PacBell Park (now SBC). Impark does own Verrus pay by cellular meters in Vancover, BC and throughout British Columbia since December 2001. A month later Seattle WA started using the Verrus system with 273 parking spaces. You must first register with Verrus to get a PIN. Call the Verrus service, punch in your PIN number, number of parking location and choose start. When you come back you call again, and select stop (caller id?). You will be charged by Visa or Master Card specified during registration. Verrus also requires one to register the tags on up to four vehicles, one mobile phone (can you use other phones?) and your cellular service. If you know more about the meters in San Francisco I will investigate. About San Francisco Street Parking Meters, there have been a lot of new meters in and around the city. Most of the new meters have been electronic and there are many different companies that make them. Serco Management Systems maintains the meters in San Francisco. Manufacturers include MacKay, an electronic that looks similar to a mechanical meter and the Reino Multi-Space Meters used for mostly for motorcycle parking but it will not allow you to lock a motorcycle to it. Since the Reino is “Multi-Space” you may not have a meter by the space you park. Next year the Mackay meters will accept smart cards (TranLink).
  6. 31 March 2003, German news bureau, Radio Deutsche Welle terminated shortwave broadcast to North America. Deutsche Welle blames cost reduction and insufficient listenership for the decision . DW broadcasts in both German and English and provides a perspective not found in North American media. There are also unconfirmed reports that Radio Deutsche Welle abandoned English broadcast to Australia as well. Since 1999, Deutsche Welle has been struggling financially and has been shedding it’s international television and radio services. Once gone these services may not come back even when Deutsche Welle makes a financial comeback, so we have to contact them now. The loss of Radio Deutsche Welle is more serious than when the BBC canceled its North American shortwave broadcasts in July of 2001. There is a partial broadcast of BBC World on the many NPR franchises and BBC’s shortwave broadcasts to other nations can still be heard in most of North America. Without North American broadcasts, Radio Deutsche Welle is very difficult to hear. A weak signal from the DW’s Asian broadcast can be heard on the West Coast at 11,945 Mhz 9 to 10 p.m. pacific. This affects : The poor in Canada, United States and Mexico who do not have internet access, but can afford a SW receiver (used ones often sell of US$10 or less or can be built). Individuals who need the portability of shortwave or do not have internet access during the hours of broadcast. Those who are interested in the current and future shortwave broadcasts to North America. What we lose: Radio Deutsche Welle covers stories that never get covered by news media anywhere in North America. Stories that are covered by North American media are often given a different perspective by Deutsche Welle. In July 2001, we lost the North American BBC World broadcasts because the BBC didn’t think North Americans were listening. Deutsche Welle is using the same excuse. This may lead to future News Bureaus to drop their North American broadcasts. What you can do: Shortwave has no rating system. The only way Deutsche Welle knows were listening is through our correspondence. Even if you don’t listen to Deutsche Welle in North America, everyone benefits when North America can receive a different perspective on the news. This is a critical time for North America to lose an important source of information. Please write or email in English or German. DW-RADIO/DW-WORLD D-50588 Köln Germany Tel. +49-221-389-0 Fax. +49-221-389-3000 Tel. +1 (703) 931-6644 (Arlington, VA) english@dw-world.de
  7. Thanks to dual for mentioning the canceling of DW shortwave on RFA_60. I'm going keep writing Margot Forbes and let everyone know of any news.
  8. Sounds bad to me. Uzi Nissan wanted to use the site commercially for his Nissan Computing Corporation. The 14 November 2002 ruling granted the domain names (www.nissan.com and www.nissan.net) to Uzi and NCC but they are not allow to publish commercial content, advisements or link to websites with commercial content or advertising. Uzi is further restricted from posting or linking the sites to disparaging remarks ornegative commentary regarding Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. or Nissan North America, Inc. Paul A. Levy of the Public Citizen Litigation Group submitted an amicus brief on behalf of Uzi Nissan. Last month (March 2003) the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the brief. Uzi Nissan was interviewed on “Off the Hook” 21 May 2002. He also attended the panel for the “Bullies on the Net” lecture during H2K2 (the MP3 is still not available). I have not heard Uzi on 2600.com since then. http://newsobserver.com/nc24hour/ncbusines...p-2157200c.html
  9. Dan Roberts has just included a Restore Deutsche Welle page on the Shortwave Report Website. In it he includes a contact name that has responded to his email correspondence. Margot Forbes Deutsche Welle English Service Tel.: +49 221 389 4144 Fax: +49 221 389 4155 E-mail: margot.forbes@dw-world.de Website: www.dw-world.de
  10. WBCQ - the Planet is the same station that broadcasts “Off the Hook” and the “Pocket Calculator Show“. WBCQ - The Planet 97 High Street Kennebunk, ME 04043 (207) 985-7547 wbcq@gwi.net http://wbcq.com/modules/news/ 7.415, 9.330 and 17.495 Mhz WHRI - World Harvest Radio has a transmitter in Greenbush, Maine but their offices are in Indiana. This is a religious franchise and probably does not take on outside shows. WRMI -Radio Miami International is not in New England but sells public access time “to nearly anyone to say virtually anything.” I don’t know what price range you’re looking for, but they’re asking $1 or more a minute. WRMI Radio Miami International 175 Fontainebleau Blvd., Suite 1N4 Miami, Florida 33172 Tel +1-305-559-9764 Fax +1-305-559-8186 info@wrmi.net http://www.wrmi.net 7385,9955 and 15725 khz
  11. From there go to Right side bar - third link down - underlined "Radical Future" or use this link... http://www.port7alliance.com/radical/index.html
  12. The layout is as professional and artistic as anything on the newsstands. The content in valid stuff I can actually use. And you wrote about barcodes. I love - I SofaKing love barcodes. I’m downloading all the RF’s now. I plan on printing them and eating them. P7A rox2. I want to live there.
  13. On 4 April 2003, South Korean Television Channels MBC, YTN and SBS reported the Bill Gates was murdered during a charity event in Los Angeles. The local stock market dipped 1.5% at the news. Less than a half hour later the News Channels retracted the story. It seems their story was based on a film “Nothing so Strange”, a fictitious report on the assassination of the Microsoft Founder. The film’s promotional site includes writings such as this CNN mock-up that may have confused the R.O.K. news agencies... note the date. "LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- Microsoft Corp. Chairman William H. Gates III was killed (Dec. 2, 1999) in Los Angeles during an appearance at a charity event held in MacArthur Park. Hit by two bullets believed to have been shot from the adjacent Park Plaza Hotel, Gates was rushed by ambulance to nearby St. Vincent Medical Center, where doctors declared him dead on arrival at 12:46 p.m. PST." http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/dinheiro/ult91u65405.shtml ://http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/...91u65405.shtml ://http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/...91u65405.shtml (in Portuguese) http://www.billgatesisdead.com/ (films promotional site)
  14. That's what I'm all about. Keep hope alive.
  15. Sorry, I thought the words “Rumors” and “Exaggerated” would deter such false hopes, but I understand the temptation to clutch on to the phrase “Gates’ Death”.
  16. English version of Al Jazeera back online. http://english.aljazeera.net/
  17. I assume your talking about WBCQ - the Planet?
  18. How could I've thought this was hoax? I accuse myself of the following crimes. I’ve seduced party members of both sexes. I‘ve been to the proletarian areas. I’ve deliberately contracted syphilis in order to spread the disease to my wife and other party members. Together with other agents, I have counterfeited bank notes. Wrecked industrial machinery, polluted the water supply, guided Eurasian rocket bombs to targets on airstrip one by means of coded radio signals. I stand here a victim of the influence of Emmanuel Goldstein . Guilty on all counts. I’m glad I was caught. I was mentally deranged. Now I am cured. I ask only for you to accept my love for our leader. I ask only to be shot while my mind is still clean. Clown Porn is wrong.
  19. This is a more obvious version of last year's joke when 2600 linked to cybercrime. 2600 received many reports that their site was taken over by the government. This version allows some nice features though. Two Minutes Hate (shouldn't it be "Two Minute Hate") is fun, but isn't there more things we could hate. Broccoli, prezels maybe that stupid dog that didn't do anything. One of the links didn't work for me, so now I'll never know how to stop clown porn.
  20. Half-way through, I forgot it was a parody.
  21. It’s based in Michigan. Maybe it’s only sold locally. A bi-monthly started March 2000. Editors: Matthew Siewicki, Vincent Marcelli. Would like to see some issues. I'm a bit concerned that the current issue is September 2002. And that the “limited time only ” advertising rates are still offered.
  22. Uploaded an issue of private line pl_2-6 (8 Mb). I may have another issue if people like it. PL_2-6 (72 kb) is an aborted upload and should be deleted.
  23. I have been having trouble emailing you. Uploaded a message to ftp://stankdawg.com/incoming. Look for cindy_cohn.wav. At 4:40 am I shot out of bed with the idea of getting this sound bite. I keep losing quality turning this into a mp3 so I sent you the wav. I hope you like it. Have new information. Please email or PM me.
  24. The member coordinator remembers your letter. He needs to know whom to address it to and a postal address to send it to.
  25. I was really excited to meet M_from_S. It’s really great to meet someone from the site. Got to talk to Cindy after you left. Really nice, I mean it, she did us a solid. Must sleep now. Email me, M_from_S. See Stank, you're not just building a website, you're building friends.